Why Picture Frames Can Cost a Lot?

If pictures say a thousand words, then picture frames are there to protect those photographs for hundreds of years. Photo frames were invented to protect photographs with variety of styles. These frames can make boring photos standout, proving that they’re purpose is not only to protect pictures but to make them look interesting and beautiful.

Frames for Home Designing

The power of a picture frame cannot be overlooked. Some people may be quick to say that frames are just dull pieces of wood, metal, and glass combined together to create a protective body for memorable photographs. However, frames can bring so much to the table if creatively and uniquely used. Many households use frames to turn their uninteresting wall into a discussion piece at home. Framed art print Dubai, if properly organized, and hanged or displayed can serve as convenient home accents.

Hall of Frames: The Passion of Collectors

Using photo frames as an interior designing relief and solution can be very expensive. One of the most expensive frames recorded is a digital frame that is valued around $70,000. This frame was manufactured by Korean company Hyundai.  Collecting frames can be an expensive venture, which is why some collectors take pride in their collection pieces. Although collecting frames is not very popular, it has its loyal following.

Custom Framing: The Reason for its Expensive Price Tag

Buying photo frames, even the not collectible pieces, can also be expensive. Have you ever tried to inquire for custom framing service? If so, it is likely that you felt skeptical with the high price. Yes, custom framing is an expensive premise, which makes some people wonder why so. The truth is that there are so much things and efforts required in finishing a single custom frame, which makes such frames expensive. From moulding to custom framing, it could cost you a lot of money, but if you are after the best quality frames, you can anticipate that your expectations will be met.

The process of custom framing starts with moulding. In this step, everything can become expensive. Top quality wood or metal moulding would cost you a lot of money but can expect that you will get what’s your money’s worth. With moulding, your frame will not look like a cheap one you can buy from your favorite thrift store – top-of-the-line production is one of the secrets for this.

Custom framing service shops use acid-free materials in order to fully protect your photographs. Picture frames with acid contents can burn the photographs enclosed in it – cheap plastic photo frames are notorious for doing this. If you really want your photos to be safe for decades and even centuries, investing on acid-free frames is the best choice.

Another reason why custom framing is expensive is the glass shops use. There is a variety of choices for frame glasses, but the most common ones are regular glass, non-glare glass, conservation UV filter glass, and conservation UV filter non-glare. The more expensive types of photo frame glasses are those with UV filtering system as they protect pictures from the harmful and damaging effects of sunlight.

Finally, the reason for the expensive price tag of custom frames is labor. Framed art prints Dubai experts are the best when it comes to producing quality photo frames. These individuals are passionate about their work, making each creation a very unique piece. Custom framing workers know their arts and crafts, which can assure their clients with the best quality framing services possible.

Whether you are buying a cheap frame, a collectible one, or a custom one, it is important to be particular with details. The rule of thumb in buying a picture frame is to your reason for purchase, and from then on, you would know what type of frame you should get.

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