What are blue light glasses and how they really work?

You must have been using your smartphone, laptop, tablet or computer to read this blog. But do you know that your eyes are the target of the cruel blue light right now? Well, many of us are affected by the harmful blue light daily and we cannot escape. Can we maintain a distance relationship with our smartphones, laptops, television, etc.? That indeed sounds impossible. However, what we can do best is to protect the eyes from the blue light from piercing through our eye-lens and hitting the retina. 

Before understanding blue light glasses are, let us understand what blue light is.

Blue light is the shortwave length of the visible spectrum. It is scattered on the earth through sun rays.  The presence of blue light keeps us awake during the day. By the time it is dusk, the sun goes down, so does the presence of blue light and we are more inclined to sleep. We can say that the presence of blue light helps us keeping awake.  Moreover, let us take a deeper dig. Due to the presence of blue light, our body’s production of Melatonin hormone falls down. Therefore, we tend to keep awake. On the other hand, in the darkness and absence of blue light, our body secretes more of Melatonin hormone to induce sleep. Our body’s sleeping, and the awake cycle is called the circadian rhythm, which is managed by Melatonin hormone.

The digital age has made 24×7 accesses to blue light as it is emitted from digital devices round the clock. From morning we start with checking phones, at work we use the laptop, again in the evening we are hooked to television or smartphones. Even the dedicated place of good old books besides the bed has been replaced by smartphones in bedrooms. 

When we view excess of these screen devices for extended hours, definitely our eyes become prone to some serious side effects such as strained eyes, digital migraine, headache, macular degeneration and other eye related issues. The unstoppable use of smartphones and other devices also disturbs the sleep pattern. Due to the presence of blue light, the body reduces the secretion of Melatonin and hence, there are chances of sleeplessness, insomnia and a disturbed sleeping pattern.

Thus, arises the need for protecting eyes from the harmful effects of digital blue light. Blue light glasses are the rescuer that blocks 100% of blue light from entering the eyes. They are the glasses that block blue light effectively and safeguard eyes from any effect.

How blue light glasses work?

These glasses which block blue light consist of a protective coating on the surface of the lenses.  They are able to block up to 100% of the blue light from entering our eyes and thereby provide comfort to the eyes. By using the blue light blocking glasses you can use the digital devices for extended hours without the fear of harming eyes.

You can use these glasses while working on the laptop, computer, mobile and other related devices with these anti-blue light glasses. That is why they are also known as computer glasses, especially when they are put to use in combination with anti-glare coating.

Where to buy the best blue light glasses online?

Specscart manufactures the best blue light blocking glasses online which impart enhanced vision clarity. The anti-blue light blocking glasses are manufactured by using innovative blue-cut technology. All glasses at Specscart come with a free of charge ant-UV and anti-glare protection.  The presence of the anti-glare feature makes the glasses perfect for computer use. 

The recent collection launched at the Specscart consists of the trendy eyeglasses in various shapes, sizes, design, material, colors and pattern. If you are hesitant to buy these glasses in the first place, opt for try on glasses at Specscart. The user can book online four anti-blue light blocking glasses of their choice and get them delivered at their doorstep. The try on glasses, on a returnable basis within seven days. You will experience how blue light blocking glasses are soothing to eyes when using a laptop or computer. There will be no more stress, pain, redness, dryness or pain in the eyes.  Buy your favorite frame at Specscart and enjoy digital devices with 100% protection from blue light.

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