Ultimate Bridal Hair Accessories for That Special Day!

With so many big fat Indian weddings happening in various wedding venues in Gurgaon all year round, across all religious domains too, the new-age Indian woman doesn’t necessarily have to stick with one set tradition with regard to bridal wear and looks. Hair accessories have become a huge part of a bride’s attire these days. It is the dream of every bride to look stunning on her wedding day from top to toe she aspires to look her best. With multiple ceremonies, there is an opportunity to change the hairstyle for every occasion based on the outfit.

ultimate hair style

Hair accessories have that ability to transform you completely. They help in adding charm and to look ravishing on bride completing her look. The best part is, these days there are hair accessories for every event which not only enhance the hairdo but also boost the bridal beauty! Go for traditional or modern, anything you prefer!

You choose yours and make sure you pick your best!

Funky Hair Clips

Remember the bird on Carrie’s head during the wedding in the Sex and the City movie? Perfect to be paired with a cocktail gown during the Engagement or Sangeet, these hair accessories have made their way to India as well and are widely worn by brides. These can be just clips that come in fun shapes – stars, flowers, all put on the hair in a formidable way. You can simply go for a shape which you like best.

Jhoomer or Passa

How beautiful did Deepika look in Bajirao? The Jhoomer or Paasa has now become a hot bridal accessory these days. It is no longer only worn by Muslim brides, but loved by all. It adds a regal old-world charm to any bride so wear a Jhoomer on the side or team it up with a Maang-tikka for that perfect look!

Traditional Maang Tika

This traditional piece of jewellery is an absolute must-have in bridal jewellery set. It is the most sought after accessory which helps to add certain uniqueness to the overall look. This piece actually completes the traditional Indian bridal look. Maang tikas are available in stylish avatars these days even with jeweled chains to go with the outfit and they look so gorgeous!

Glittering Hair Bands

Take our word, no matter how hectic it gets, a glittering, jeweled hair band is sure to sit pretty in your tresses and hold it in place all through your big day. If you are wearing a white or off-white wedding gown which is not too heavily embellished, then go for these kinds of bands. This could be the perfect accessory for your reception or engagement where you can manage to go a little modern with your look.

Jadai Nagam

Popular among South Indian brides, but brides irrespective of religion and culture can adorn these stunning ornaments. Brides usually braid their hair and then use an intricate piece of jewellery called the Jadai Nagam, which holds the braid in place and is supposed to depict a cobra. Jadai Nagam is a symbol of wealth, sexuality and fertility.

Juda Pins

When you bind your hairs in beautiful hairstyles you need to accessorize them with Juda Pins. They are better than flowers as you can use them again on different occasions and in different ways. You can even match your juda pins with your outfits!

Sparkling Tiaras

Tiaras add a grace to your overall look. Wear them at your reception and dance away like a beauty queen. No longer restricted to church weddings, tiara has successfully made its debut in the traditional Indian wedding scene now being one of the best bridal hair accessories for brides.


Mathapatti is available in a variety of styles from heavy to light, any kind of look. It is an extension of a mang tikka, which covers only the middle parting of your hairs resting on the top of your forehead. You can also opt for a Matha Patti with multiple chains on one or both sides to add more dimension.

Jewelled or Beaded Chains

Preferred mostly by young women these days, these chains are modern versions of the traditional maang tikka. It has become an accessory of the first choice for functions like the engagement and reception thanks to all the numerous bridal shows where it has been made popular. You can choose a chain of pearls with a simple maang tikka if you want a more traditional look.

Floral Arrangement

We now see brides from all over India choosing to deck their hair with soft, perfumed flowers which look so pretty. Mostly till now, these were popularly worn by south Indian brides. You could go for a jasmine arrangement, which is a classic for a reason. For that modern and elegant look, you could also experiment with a floral arrangement of roses and rose petals or even lotus petals. You can hardly go wrong with this.

Fortunately for the Indian brides, we have a huge variety of traditional bridal hair accessories from many of the cultures in our country. Always remember, the most important thing to bear in mind is your dress when you pick up your hair accessory. If your dress or the dupatta covering your head is heavily embellished, then opt for simple, traditional hair accessories. Apart from this, think about the hairstyle you are opting for and the overall look you want to create. Let your hairstylist guide you so that you don’t make any mistakes here.

Looking perfect on the wedding day is a dream of every bride.We all know that brides are the center of attraction, from bridal dress to bridal makeup; everything is used in beautifying the bride. Make sure you become the best version of yourself on your wedding day!

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