The Mens T-Shirt- The world of Mens Fashion Clothing

I always refer my T-shirts My-T’s or mighty T-shirts. I call them so as they are really mighty. They are mighty as they are strong, they are mighty at comfort and above all they are mighty as they can be worn for all seasons.

The history of mens T-shirts or TEE-shirts back between 1898-1931 (Spanish-American war) where they were issued as undergarments to be worn under the military uniform. Shows how important were   these at that time too. A rugged wear for the Military wow! Much has changed over the passage of time. From being called a Union Suit previously to a mens T-shirt now, it had gained popularity more than ever. Thanks to the technology and the mighty nature of t-shirts.

Why Mens T-shirt?

T-shirts are now a global wear. Think of Hollywood, Bollywood etc., or schools, colleges, offices, sports organisations, children of all age groups (just to name a few), other individuals you’ll find their presence everywhere. One will find all the people from across the globe donning them. They are easy to wear and at the same time they are comfortable. May it be summers, harsh winters , Rains you’ll find them for all seasons with the latest designs, fabric colours. These are easily manageable, with various designs and fits and are available in various colours. Makes you look cool!

Mens Fashion Clothing

We prefer to look smart everyday may it be our work place or when we are at home spending time leisurely with our loved ones or when we are out with our friends. Wearing a comfortable T-shirt on any casual or semi formal occasion will make one feel good and at ease. The best part is that they can be worn with any Mens fashion clothing. One can wear them with trousers, jeans, track pants, shorts and even with a lungi!

Multi purpose use of T-shirts can be seen when we wear them when we are out for picnic with our friends and family members. Just bundle up 2-3 of them while going out for treks. An eye catching can be worn while going out for a date. This elates our mood. A light weight, trendy and comfortable outerwear one can find their usage in the sports arena, gyms etc.

Schools use them for their children as per their houses. Some commonly used colours used in the schools are Red , Yellow , Green, Blue and white. We see our sportsmen and women wearing bright coloured T-shirts on and off field. All the teams of various clubs for various games like cricket, hockey, football, basketball, rugby ,kabbadi, etc. use T-shirts to identify their own sports person from others.

Preference of Colours

Mens T-shirts are available in various colours. When we think of summers our preference is for lighter shades as whites, light lemon , yellow light green etc. As winters are round the corner, our preference shifts to darker shades as back, dark brown, navy blue, dark grey etc. one looks smart, sharp and elegant with different hues and shades .  One can wear jeans, chinos, trousers with your favourite coloured T-shirt and look like a debonair! A pair of good sports shoes adds to the beauty of the casual wear. Gen-X prefer wearing brighter shades as Red, Yellow, Green, Purple and white. They prefer these colours as they have to look smart all the time.! This bunch of youngsters look really good and smart. Some boys with muscular bodies can wear slim fit T-shirt to show off their mascular bodies. With a pair of blue denims, cotton shorts can add to their fashion statement. A pair of sneakers can do wonders!!! Some individuals prefer wearing printed T-shirts while attending a semi formal party as these printed t- shirts are eye catchy.

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