The Evolution Of Smartphones From Feature Phones To Foldable Smartphones

It wasn’t that long ago when we were using feature phones, which we believed was a significant upgrade from the basic phones most of us had. Unlike basic mobile phones, which we could only use to make calls or send messages, feature phones came with additional benefits. We could finally surf the web, or take photos using the phone cameras. While they weren’t great, they were still better than the basic models.

Today however, things have changed significantly. We can now purchase high-end smartphone models that come with top-of-the-line features and specs, such as faster processors, 16GB RAMs, 108MP rear cameras and 100x digital zoom, which can let you take breathtaking photos of the moon during the dark. Smartphones have become multifunctional, as users can now use their smartphones to take down notes, use them as an alternative for gaming consoles, or even use smartphone cameras for professional photography and videography.

More recently, brands like Samsung and Motorola have unveiled foldable smartphones that can fit inside one’s pocket, and can also be used as a smartphone with a large screen. We take a quick look at the evolution of phones from the old feature phones, to the now futuristic models.

More Cameras

One cannot possibly talk about today’s smartphones without mentioning the cameras. While there was a time when mobile phones came equipped with 4MP cameras, today, high-end smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra come with 108MP cameras! Furthermore, while quad-rear cameras and dual-selfie cameras are now becoming commonplace, there are smartphone brands that are working on offering penta-rear cameras.

Smartphones today can click professional-grade photos. For instance, the Realme X3 SuperZoom, considered by many to be one of the best phone under 30000 INR packs a quad-rear camera array with a 64MP primary camera. The phone also offers 60x Super Zoom, while Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra offers an awe-inspiring 100x Super Zoom.

Faster Processors and RAM

The latest smartphones come equipped with faster processors and RAM, which ensure that you can play mobile games, multitask on your smartphone, or switch between different apps easily without experiencing any lags or delays. While flagship models come with the best-in-class processors, we now get mobile phones that have around 12GB – 16GB RAM, which ensures a smooth user experience.

5G Smartphones

From OnePlus Nord, which is widely considered to be the best phone under 30,000 INR, to upcoming 5G mobile like Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro, consumers can now purchase 5G-enabled smartphones at pocket-friendly prices. Smartphone users are no longer expected to shell out a premium amount to purchase 5G mobiles, with 5G technology expected to revolutionize the smartphone industry. 5G networks ensure lower latency and faster download speeds along with better connectivity, which will only enhance the smartphone experience for the consumers.

Foldable Phones and Stretchable Displays

Last but not least, we now get foldable smartphones. Brands like Samsung and Motorola have already unveiled foldable phones, although they are also some of the most expensive smartphones in the market. However, the prices are expected to come down as brands continue to innovate in this space, and within a couple of years, even casual smartphone users will be able to purchase foldable smartphones.

Yet another groundbreaking technology that is being explored is smartphones with stretchable displays. While it is still in the research stage, this would enable smartphone users to stretch the displays of their handsets, and use them as tablets or laptops!

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