Singapore’s coolest Insta worthy hotels

1. Naumi Hotel

If you want to stay in a place with extraordinary special and stands out from the rest of the regular and ordinary hotels, then the Naumi Hotel is the place for you. This a cosy boutique hotel which not only offers you a relaxing and intimate retreat with comfortable as well as handpicked furniture but also displays eclectic artworks all around which add on to the homely feel.

Moreover, for a more relaxing feel, they have flirtatious and catchy quotes scattered throughout the hotel including the common areas as well as the guest rooms. The hotel is home to two exclusive designer-inspired suites, namely Gabrielle & Camellia and Eden & Nirwana. Designed with monochromatic tones, Gabrielle & Camellia is inspired by Coco Channel and provides perfect classy and fabulous vibes.

However, if you are more dramatic by personality, then Eden & Nirwana with its pop of orange and trendy furniture will be the ideal suite for you. For the cool pool pictures and splendid views of the Singapore skyline, the hotel also houses an infinity pool.

Naumi Hotel

2. Lloyd’s Inn

Those who wish to add in clean aesthetic images in their Instagram feed, Lloyd’s Inn with its minimalist and sleek palette decorations will prove to be the ideal place for you to stay during your Singapore vacation Best time to visit. Ranging from a gorgeous private outdoor area, unique guest rooms like The Big Garden Room and The Patio Room to the beautiful public garden deck and splendid roof terrace, the hotel is generously scattered with picturesque spots all around its vicinity.

With large windows arranged in every room, you have nothing to worry as far as lighting problems are concerned because the windows bring in an abundance of sunlight in your room. If you are worried about the interiors of the rooms, then you must know that the hotel works on minimalist themes.

Therefore, the rooms have a white theme, are bathing in ample sunlight along with free high-speed Wi-Fit and there will be nothing extravagant in the rooms. One can say that it is a comparatively cheap boutique hotel in Singapore with a modern garden deck, stunning roof terrace and a dipping pool amidst sprawling greenery.

Lloyd’s Inn

3. The Scarlet

Singapore Sporting a rustic exterior of a red-accented shophouse, entering Scarlet Singapore will feel just like entering a whole new world with eclectic velvet furniture, luxurious exquisite chandelier right in the middle of the hotel lobby and stylish wallpapers.

Spreading across a total of 13 shophouses, the hotel has an extremely long hallway flooded with pink where you can pretend to be a runway model and click a number of pictures.

Aria, the rooftop bar with its stylish ambience and amazing Chinatown district view completely lit up during the night will prove perfect for taking those showstopper pictures before you actually head off for a fun night out. Moreover, with the club street being right next to the hotel you also don’t have to worry about going back to the hotel.

The Scarle

All of their five exclusive themed suites, namely Swank, Passion, Splendour, Lavish and Opulent, are highly Instagram worthy spots as well as truly gorgeous in their appearance. You surely won’t be able to stop snapping!.

4. The Warehouse

Hotel If you are a person who likes to enjoy picturesque places in peace and solace without much of the extra noise, loud people or gaudy decoration, then the Warehouse Hotel, will prove to be an ideal hotel for you. Not just the hotel but even all the rooms are decorated in a way that they scream of a minimalist, classy, chic, aesthetic appeal.

The Warehouse

Coloured in warm earthy tones and scattered with soft lighting, makes it an extremely picturesque spot. So, all you have to do is to dress up prettily, do a sober make-up and you are ready for clicking some memorable pictures to be later added in your exciting Instagram feed.

When here, seeing the ambience and tastefully chosen interior décor, you will feel at peace instantly and would be confused whether to admire the place or capture it in your cameras forever. If you stay at this quiet hotel in Singapore, you will surely find a vast variety of picturesque pictures.

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