Signs You May Have Flat Feet

Normally, below the inner side of the foot, when an adult person stands there is a gap or you can say below the foot, there is an arch. If anyone suffers from flat feet, then either there is no arch or a low arch, this implies that the feet are flat on the ground. You need to understand that even if you come to know that you have a flat foot, then you will require treatment only in case it is causing you discomfort or maybe pain in any other part of your body. Pain caused by flat feet may be an indication of an underlying foot disorder. If you have a flat foot and not experiencing any symptoms, then certain simple things like exercising will help to diminish any kind of discomfort.

If you are suffering from flat feet, then wearing flat feet insoles will help you a lot. These flat feet insoles help to provide relief from foot pain and also, it will prevent you from developing severe conditions. Through this article, we will deal with the signs you may have flat feet.

Pain in feet

One of the most commonly experienced symptoms of flat foot is foot pain. According to doctors, the reason behind such a sign is muscle strain. A pain in connecting ligaments or pain in these joints may be caused due to abnormal pressure on the hip and knee.

If ankles turn inward, such stresses are quite probable. Usually, flat foot leads to pain in these parts of the body as listed below-

1. Knee

2. Arch of your foot

3. Hip

4. Lower back

5. Calf

6. Lower legs

Another sign you may have flat feet is that there is a possibility that you may have swelling on the inner part of your ankles or the sides of the ankle. Feeling stiffness in both the feet is one of them.

In addition to the above symptoms, it is found that irregular distribution of your body weight can be caused by flat feet.

If you are experiencing wearing out of your shoes unevenly or irregularly. Also, wearing shoes faster than usual is a sign that you may be suffering from a flat foot. You must understand that these symptoms should never be ignored as they may lead to added complications or serious injuries. You should consider the use of flat feet insoles to reduce the above symptoms and if conditions do not improve, then you must seek medical advice.

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