Remote Work: How to Keep Sane in a World Gone Crazy

No matter whether you wanted to work from home or wondered what remote work looked like. Chances are the COVID-19 pandemic has forced you to give it a try. Although it isn’t a new concept, it proved to be incredibly useful this year and most people believe it is the future of work. Under different circumstances, more people would embrace this work arrangement. Because of the global pandemic and economic upheaval, employees all over the world are finding it hard to focus and live in uncertain times. If you are one of those people, here is some advice on how to stay sane when the world is falling apart.

Discipline Yourself 

When you work from home, you can easily fall into a common remote work trap — distractions. Kids, errands, household, Netflix, yard, or any other house routine you might have are huge distractors. To stay away from all of them, you have to discipline yourself and develop a particular mindset which puts you in the work mode during working hours. For example, you should work from a separate room instead of using the communal space as a remote office. If you don’t have a separate room or a quiet corner in the house, you can work from a coffee shop in the neighborhood. You should talk with your family and make them understand the importance of your work. Also, keep them informed when and how they can reach you. Just because you have a flexible schedule that doesn’t mean you are available all the time.

Make a Plan 

When you used to work in an office, your day was planned out and structured. Now that you work from home, that structure and all your work routines went through the window. To regain some sense of control, you should make a daily plan and set achievable goals. Using a time tracker also sounds like a good idea. This way you can understand which tasks take the longest to complete and make a better plan the next day. Planning tasks and tracking activity help you stay organized and refocus when you get distracted by your pet or kids’ needs. If you set your home office in a separate room, then you won’t get easily distracted, so you will be more focused and productive. Furthermore, you don’t have to commute, so you have more time to go through the tasks or play with your kids throughout the day.

Connect with Coworkers

Like everything else, remote work comes with its pros and cons. Some might find the transition too much for them. If you are in a similar situation, don’t worry because there is an easy fix. All you have to do is connect with your coworkers and share knowledge on a team level. By using an intranet, apps such as Zoom, or alternatives to Slack, you connect with your colleagues who know exactly what you are going through and how you are feeling. This way you can not only find relevant work information, but also the support and motivation you need to pull through until things fall into their place.