Refreshing Balcony Looks For Spring

We love spending time in our balconies and unwind, therefore it should have a good mix of nature and objects of modern use. Well, to give you a clear idea how to revanmp your beloved balcony, here are some great balcony design ideas for India that you can directly apply to your balcony and make it a beautful and atteractive space!

Green Wall Wbi-Sabi Style

If you are fond of ‘clean greens’ i.e. this look is for your balcony. With the earthy color palette, this style has a modern wabi-sabi approach and an easily achievable balcony design for India. Create bamboo claddings on sides of your green wall or you can choose different placements for the cladding. For the green wall, choose those plants that have small, light leaves and have a downward fall. Get accessories in natural material or with clean white finishes to suit the space.

Modern Formal

Modern formal look is a mix of formal and casual. This style is all about convenient forms, round edges, dark colors and contrasting natural finishes. You may keep in mind to prefer matt over glossy, luminous over shiny and glass over plastic. For the plants, go for big and distinct leaves instead of small and voluminous. You can use slow growing plants which remain proportionate for a longer time.

Green and Grey Hues

This style has an intense and deep mood, it combines the darker tones of greens with grey hues. Some dramatic lights or chandeliers look striking and fun with this. Go for plants with a heavy look and dense and loaded foliage. You can install wall planters, or standing planters. Touches of golden can bring lightness and fun.

Desert Station

Desert Station theme stands out for its aloofness, minimalism and unconventional nature. For this look, choose things in shades of grey with smooth and curvy surfaces. You can play around it with a textured wall, concrete looks for pots, and woven materials for furniture. Use for plants with thick bases and pointy foliage resembling the plants found in deserts. These hardy and will survive the harsh summer in a balcony in India.

We hope that by now you have a fair idea about creating different balcony looks! To purchase any of these looks, you can visit our store or give us a call @ +91-9999999177, we’re doing deliveries all over Delhi and NCR areas. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook, we’re transforming terraces, balconies and interiors with Green Makeovers!

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