QSOCS, the best VLSI Training Institute in Bangalore

QSOCS is known for providing VLSI design training in Bangalore that presents advanced Diploma in VLSI Design & Technology and is a concentrated course for enhancing and augmenting student’s facts in VLSI Design field. This course is prearranged to build upon basic Digital electronics subject to the students who take in their scholar studies and train them in the specialized field of VLSI Design. ADVDT course is exceedingly modular with each module and comprehensive training on specific facet of the VLSI Design flow. 

The Advanced Diploma in VLSI Design & Technology program is calculated and delivered by VLSI industry experts with decades of experience in the VLSI industry. This route is geared up to pass on extensive VLSI flow training to uncooked engineers with background in Digital Electronics or basic VLSI in their undergraduates or Post-graduate studies. 

The QSOCS offers VLSI courses in Bangalore, designed by the VLSI business experts with decades of experience functioning at top technical positions for a variety of MNCs in India and Abroad. Advanced Diploma in VLSI Design and Technology, builds on the basic thoughts and then moves to Advanced ASIC development Techniques and Methodologies. Advanced Diploma in VLSI Design and Technology transforms a raw manufacturing mark off into a capable VLSI specialized with both technical and soft skills. Thus, it is one of the most preferred VLSI training centers in Bangalore.

To look up VLSI Engineering familiarity at Graduation Level, IIVDT also demeanors following courses – 
VLSI Projects for students

  • Front End Digital
  • Advanced Verification
  • Analog propose
  • Complete VLSI Tool Flow
  • DSP Based Projects
  • Wide range of Projects

VLSI Booster Workshops for Electronics Engineering Students

  • Rigorous Workshops casing all the major aspects of VLSI Design extend across 3rd to 8th semester.
  • Well included with engineering path contents and level of Knowledge       

Apart from that, we offer courses like QCDVE, QCPDE, QCALE, QCDVE, QCPDE, QCALE, QCDVE, and QCPDE. Apart from sharing our tough earned experience in this field, we are intense to provide our students multiple sessions from invention experts, methodology specialists, design nuts and soft skill developers in all the specialized courses we offer. A well thought-of job and a nice-looking remuneration is each and every ones ambition. Fortunately the semiconductor business is well- known for both. But you need to sharpen your skills and focus your interest to get into this industry. For us, this initiative is well past business. It is more of an evolution of creating gifted, capable and ready work force, who can obtain this semiconductor industry further.

Our founders are into VLSI business since very long. We are committed to use their associates in different product and check based companies to ensure better assignment opportunities for our students. Thus we are having a high hand on the placement opportunities in difference with the other training institutes.

Moreover, we run multiple courses on plan and verification side of VLSI on scheduled manner. Discover the timeline of our newest courses and keep track of the events here. Placements are vital part of our training programs. There is a dedicated team of practiced HR that is successful in bringing better opportunities to our students.

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