How to Pick the Right Flowers Based on Occasions and Events

Flowers always make the perfect gift, no matter what the occasion is, especially if they are formal ones. Whether it may be a friend’s wedding or a family get together, when it comes to flowers they go well with almost every occasion.

However, if you are planning on gifting flowers to someone in any upcoming occasion or event, then you need to know the right flowers to gift. While flowers are well suited for a variety of occasions, not every flower goes well with every occasion. You need to know which flowers to give and which to avoid, based on occasions. Here is a little guide to help you out with the ‘flowery’ details:

  1. When it comes to joyous occasions which are both formal and informal like say birthdays, then you should always opt for colourful flowers. The essence is to infuse the bouquet with colourful flowers of different varieties. It is best to go with flower bunches than with a full size bouquet. You can go for flowers like gerbera of various colours since not only are these pretty but also come in different colours.
  2. When it comes to a romantic surprise, then you can always opt for a flower delivery in Ludhiana which will get red roses delivered to your home. When it is a romantic surprise and you are planning on sending roses, then you should send red ones. However if you know the choice of colour of your partner then you can send other coloured roses. If you are partner has any favourite colour, then you can go with a bouquet of those. And when nothing strikes out in particular and you want to keep it traditional and classic, always go for red roses.
  3. When attending a formal sad occasion, like a funeral, then flowers ought to be light coloured. White flowers are the best suited for occasions likes this which entails mourning since white signifies peace and has certain calmness about it. When it comes to flowers you can go with gladioli sticks. If you want to add a little bit of colour then you can team it up with yellow. When opting for roses you can make a bouquet out of red, white and light baby pink roses since these make a beautiful soothing hue.
  4. When attending an occasion like marriage, you should go for flowery and extravagant bouquets. Go with flower baskets and fill them up with a variety of flowers of different colours. If you want you can also add a touch of green and sparkle to the ensemble to make it look all the more grand.
  5. Baby showers are also occasions where people tend to bring flowers. It is best to stick to roses or petunias or gladioli flowers for such occasions. Keep the colours light and soothing or you can synch the colours with the theme of the baby shower. However do not forget to bring a baby shower gift with the flowers.

Okay, so now that you have an idea about the various flowers based on occasions, make sure you gift accordingly.

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