Packing Tips for Surfers: Things to Know

Packing Surfboards, the following tip comes from Gary Clisby, a pro surfer who has logged thousands of air miles in pursuit of waves. Before packing, keep in mind that the airlines claim responsibility for lost baggage only, not damaged baggage.

If you plan on taking a few surf trips each year, get a good board bag. Consider the length of the boards you will be traveling with. Some shops have begun renting board bags.

Packing Tips for Surfers

Arranging Board Box

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Another option is a board box. Most surfers using boxes are packing guns to Hawaii. The boxes usually last only a couple of times before being reduced to a mass of mushy cardboard.

“Whether box or bag, try to pack boards close together before the travel – especially for camping with families, protecting the fins and tail area. This keeps boards from shifting and damaging each other.” Said in the travel website safariors.

It also makes the bag look smaller, and since the airlines can charge you per board, it can save you a lot of money. Also, the strength of two or more boards together reduces the chance of a board getting broken by the airlines.

Caring and Wrapping Things Up

For extra care, secure the trailing fin by wrapping packing tape around the tail and fin. For boards with fin boxes, remove the fins for travel, then tape in a towel or a piece of clothing around the tail area. Make sure to fill the space between the fins.

Surf shops sell foam blocks designed to protect fins and tail area. Foam blocks work well, but they seem to take up too much space when traveling with three or more boards. Next, slip a board sock over each board. If you still desire more protection, you could wrap each board with bubble pack.

Arranging Things Properly

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Now place the boards in the bag. Arrange the boards so that decks face out and the fins are on opposite sides. For more than two boards, place the longest board on the outside. This seems to ensure good protection of fins and board bottoms.

Also, you need to check if you have arranged the proper footwear for hiking and camping there.

Now, with your boards fit closely together, zip the bag shut. Using tape or light rope, secure the entire bag with the straps on the outside of the bag. Put tape around the entire bag to keep the boards from shifting.

Packing Check List for Travelers

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I have watched Rabbit Bartholomew travel the European leg of the A.S.P. tour without a board bag for his two boards. He seemed to do fine by just taping his boards together and slapping on a luggage tag. In contrast, I have carefully packed my boards only to find the fins crushed through the bottoms.

The airlines will put some dings in your boards, but you can put the odds in your favor by packing correctly.

Packing Check List, the following is a general list. Some of the items apply to places you are going outdoor for travel; some don’t.

International Driver’s License and Passport:

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Available at AAA for a fee of $10. You will need two passport-type photos. A valid passport application can be obtained through selected post offices. Check with them for requirements or contact the Washington DC Passport Agency.

Visas: processing and how to do it

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Sometimes visas are unnecessary. They can usually be arranged through your travel agent. Try to get as long a stay as possible in one country. If you want to stay a while, request a multiple-entry visa from the appropriate consulate.

This will entitle you to much more time in the country, and only requires spending about a day out of the country to get your visa stamped, before returning again. Do not, however, abuse the system, by trying to use this visa as residency. Local authorities tend to frown on such practices.

Two or more leashes and first aid kit

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Get leashes that are appropriate to the types of waves you intend to ride. Good kits are available in many places. Check “General Information” for the ones sold at the Magellan’s store. If you are going to a Third World country trying to bring a clean, sterile needle.

That’s is all for today’s travel tips on how to pack your things in the easier ways. Hope for the best of luck of your travel.

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