Multipurpose Bride and Groom Entry Props for Every Wedding theme

Pulling off the perfect wedding theme for any major wedding planner is a dream that seldom comes to reality. Even if they do, they cost an entire fortune, right? Well, we are sure many would agree that most people coming up to a planner have the stingiest budget until you show them exactly what they will get for the price paid. Hence, to make things easier for you, you would need the perfect theme planned so that you can pull out the grandest wedding in the city.

So, do you have the next big assignment in hand? Or want the perfect theme wedding model ready on display? Take a look at few of the grand theme-based props we have in store for you to lighten up the wedding ceremony you are to organize next.

Entry Prop is the key

The first impression provides the perfect insight into what is about to come. Hence, a perfect start could just set up the mood and lighten up the excitement in all of the attendees. This calls for a grand bride and groom entry props to add on to the finest wedding plan that you have thought about.

Groom Entry Prop

The bride’s entry may be queen-like, but not before the groom makes the majestic appearance. Wondering how it could be made more majestic than shown in the movies? Here you go:

The perfect plan for the groom’s entry calls for a center podium that is a couple of steps higher than the normal level. A small portrait exhibition-like backdrop would be the perfect theme. However, the portrait exhibition backdrop can never be complete without the creative work of art surrounding the platform the groom would stand. This type of setting needs a lot of fiber wedding decorative items to add on to the charm.
Now with all the lights focused on the groom, watch him make his dream entry as he walks up to the sacred fire. But yes, don’t forget to follow him the spotlight while the spectators watch in awe.

Bride’s Entry Prop

The bride’s entry should exude grandeur as it makes for the most important part of a wedding ceremony. Ladies visualize their wedding to be the best while her parents do everything to make that possible. This leaves the entire responsibility on the shoulders of the organizer to make their dream come true.

A bridal entry prop is something that needs careful attention. How about the bride descending from above, something that picturizes angels coming down on Earth with their fanciest and expressing ornaments on her. our entry prop idea includes a queen’s throne-like design with relevant (customizable) decorations of fiber props all around.

Every bit of the entire prop is very sturdy and durable and wouldn’t allow any unforeseen mishaps. Plus, the decorations, being customizable, can be had in the way the organizer wants it to be. Moreover, this entire decoration and piece can be set at center-stage where the bride and groom can sit after the wedding vows are solemnized.

Planning a grand wedding has never been easy

Each time you have a family approaching you to plan their house wedding, the onus is shifted on us to bring you the best we have got. The job of organizing a wedding ceremony is not easy as you need to execute the dreams of people for them.

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But yes, with the perfect start to the ceremony, you sure can make it grand.

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