Leg Pain and Poor Circulation

The circulatory system’s work is the blood flow in the entire body. If the blood does not flow properly throughout the body, there is where the poor circulation occurs. Legs and arms are the most common area where poor circulation happens. And when it does, you will feel pain in those areas. There is nothing much alarming with poor circulation on legs and arms, but it is important to find out its cause which should be treated. Heart disease is one of the common causes of it. One of the products the Halo Health presents Dr. Ho’s Circulation Promoter which can help in poor circulation cases. This can be helpful with any poor circulation instance. 

It is important that you have an awareness of whether you have poor circulation or not. The symptoms may vary depending on what is causing poor circulation. But the common ones are as follows:

  • Pain
  • Cramps
  • Numbness
  • Tingling feeling
  • Varicose veins 

If you have the following conditions, then you might be experiencing different symptoms:

1. Obesity or being overweight

If your weight is not normal, meaning you carry extra weight in you, that might be a cause of poor circulation. The tendency if you are carrying extra weight, you will always sit or lie down. You will feel lazy to move around because it burdens you. That will lead to poor blood circulation. 

2. Blood clots

Blood clots cause problems in blood flow. This is one of the most dangerous causes of poor circulation especially if blood clot happens in the brain. It can lead to stroke or worse, death. A blood clot is another condition caused by another condition such as injury or maybe obesity also.

3. Diabetes

If diabetes is not managed well, it can lead to more serious conditions which are also associated with poor circulation such as heart diseases. 

Those are just some of the most common causes of poor circulation. Some of the more serious causes are not on the list. It is best to consult a doctor if you are experiencing more often leg pains and poor circulation symptoms. Meanwhile, here is some accessible poor circulation treatment:

  • Exercise 

Cardiovascular exercises are the best for improving circulation especially jogging for leg pain. It is beneficial for the causes of poor circulation such as obesity. It will help you lose and maintain the proper weight.

  • Eating healthy meals

If poor circulation starts to occur, start planning your meals. This will also help with the causes of poor circulation. There are specific foods that are good for circulation such as salmon, tuna, cinnamon, leafy greens, and citrus fruits.

  • Drink teas

There are many kinds of tea that are specifically good for circulation such as those that are rich in antioxidants. Black and green teas are the ones that are good for circulation. Black teas might have a stronger taste but they are the best in helping your blood vessel health improves. Green tea has a lighter smell and taste but it is good for circulation because it widens the blood vessels.

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