How to Earn More as a Freelancer

Freelancing is mushrooming rapidly around the globe. More than 50% of people from India are engaged in freelancing. However, it is not very easy to get paid handsomely in this field. An established freelancer’s pay may sound appealing, but initially, you have to crack every nut to earn more. More often than not, they settle for lesser pay as they are not bold enough to demand more, matching their standards in fear of losing the job. However, few freelancers are able to demand what they want and end up bagging a lucrative deal.

Here are a few tips that help you collect a good amount of money from freelancing:

  • Get specialized in a particular field

A freelancer at the initial stages works for all kinds of projects. He or she tends to be flexible, and bags varied jobs from many clients. However, later on, it would be better if freelancers get specialized in a particular field. The more one gets to experience in the field, the more he will turn the master in the same. For example, a freelancer working as a content writer would initially work on projects- from blogs to web content. However, the more he would get specialized in one field, let’s say in blogging the more number of projects he would get from clients who are in search of quality bloggers.

  • Decide who you are willing to work for

The other thing that a freelancer must decide is the kind of clients he or wants to be associated with. For instance, if a person is doing freelancing as an interior decorator, then that person must decide if he or she has to work for offices or homes or schools, etc. This will give clarity of thought and will make his or her task easier. It will also help one build up a network with potential clients. Closing your client base helps your clients as well. They would know what the work requirements of the freelancer are and if it is okay to deal with him for long-term projects.

  • Work as a freelancer before quitting your job

If you wish to turn into a full-time freelancer, you must start working as a freelancer before bidding farewell to your existing job. This is because you need to set a base and establish a network for working as a full-time freelancer. Things take time; no soul has a magic wand, which will turn you a star overnight. It will require much hard work and patience. Once you are done with establishing a base and are bagging many projects, you can quit your job and work as a full-time freelancer.

  • Make a professional portfolio

Make sure you have a kick-asss profile. For this, you need to mention your expertise and skills in your profile. Mention highlights of your projects and the things that make you stand out from others. You can also add your past projects in your portfolio. Also, never forget to mention your contact number so that it is convenient for your clients to contact you.

  • Fix your pricing

Determining your pricing helps you fix your rates and saves the task of debating on the topic with the clients. It is also easy for the clients to know the rates per project. Charge enough to fulfill your basic needs. You have to shed off your hesitation and demand for more if you think you are receiving nothing or very little for your hard work. If the clients like your work and you maintain your quality, as well as consistency, clients will ultimately be willing to increase the amount.

Follow these steps and you will definitely be a star in the field of freelancing.

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