How to Choose the right Concrete Driveway Cleaner

A wide range of cleaning agents is available that is designed to remove contamination from concrete surfaces. It is important to know how these cleaners work and also the different types of cleaners to use them properly. The simple solution to clean concrete surface is soap water. The fatty acids in soaps help to emulsify dirt, stain, grease, and oil. Plain water does not have any cleaning ability, but with the soapy water, all the stains can be rinsed easily. However, nowadays, there are several modern cleaners easily available. So choosing the right driveway cleaner can be a confusing task. Therefore, let’s see some of the cleaners that greatly clean concrete surfaces.

The ph cleaners

The ph cleaners are mild, and they are suitable for interior concrete surfaces. It can be used for unsealed concrete surfaces that are not embedded with dirt and that only need mild cleaning. Depending upon the cleaning work, you can follow the instructions by diluting a portion of ph cleaner to water. The cleaning process also involves rubbing the surface with a brush to clean the remaining dirt. As they are mild cleaners, they are available easily in any hardware store.

The acidic cleaner

This acidic cleaner is used for grease, dirt, and stains. Efflorescence is a metallic substance that is found on the concrete surface. These kinds of substances cannot be cleaned with plain water, so try the acidic solution to wipe off this metallic dirt. The main ingredient used in this cleaner is acid, so use it with safety. Sometimes only the acidic solution is enough to clean dirt but in some cases rubbing the area with a brush is also necessary. After cleaning the surface with an acid solution it is essential to rinse it with clean water. The acidic cleaner is available in special distribution outlets. These acidic cleaners are only suitable for highly contaminated surfaces, and it must not be used on normal surfaces.

Alkaline cleaner

The alkaline cleaners are very effective in cleaning hydrocarbon substances such as grease and oil. The high level of alkaline emulsifies the oil substances from the surface. It can also be used to neutralize surface after acid cleaning. The alkaline solution is diluted with water. Allow the solution to set for more time for the best cleaning results. The alkaline cleaners are easily available in stores and are also available at economical prices.

Bacterial cleaners

The bacterial cleaners are the modern cleaners that allow active enzymes to break down contamination. For example, the concrete surface may be contaminated with pet urine, and the cleaner eliminates all these kinds of bacteria. The main limitation of using this cleaner is the time it takes to work on the surface and depending upon the surface length, it may take even weeks to clean it properly.

Special cleaners

The special cleaners are made by blending the above three substances or any two substances. This product can be difficult to get, but they are very effective in cleaning concrete stains. To choose the right cleaner, knowing about the types of cleaners available in the market is necessary. By reading about every cleaner, choose the right cleaner that suits your requirements.

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