How Much is the Cost of a Canada PR Visa?

Canada is a country that is economically sound, and it places huge importance on families being together. There is also an indirect benefit when the family is with the immigrant. As the immigrant is mentally relaxed, the productivity of work also increases.  Canada is truly a land of incredible opportunities, especially for young and skilled who have potential. In Canada, they find a good education system for the children and social benefit programs for their parents with health care facilities, which are highly modernized.  Thus, if you are planning to immigrate to another country with family and you want individual growth for each member of the family, then Canada is the best choice.

Canada’s economy depends on immigration to a significant extent to meet the labor market gap due to the aging population and the low birth rate.   As per the Canada Immigration Target Plan 2021- 2023, the immigration targets for the year 2021 are set at 401,000 immigrants; for 2022, it is 411,000 immigrants, and for 2023 it is 4,21,000 immigrants.

Aspiring individuals from all over the world come to Canada, and the best method to settle is with the Permanent Residency(PR) status of Canada. There are more than 70 programs, but PR wins hands down because of the exceptional benefits that it offers –  free education, free healthcare, family protection against crime under the Canadian charter 6 of Rights, and freedom. The permanent Residency(PR) term is five years, and it is a good time to settle and then apply for Canadian Citizenship eventually.

What are the fund’s requirements for immigration to Canada?

Proof of funds is one of the major criteria for immigration to Canada, and some of the areas through which it can be established by the candidates are listed below –

  • Note on the letterhead by the bank or financial institution about contact information. Outstanding debts, credit card loans, account numbers, and also the average balance of the past six months.
  • Cash
  • Stocks / bonds/ debenture / treasury bills
  • Bank Drafts and Cheques

The proof of funds list keeps on updating, so it is best to keep in touch with the developments with the help of your immigration consultants. Also, remember that the minimum amount of funds will depend on the number of family members immigrating to Canada.

How much is the cost of immigration to Canada?

One of the most important requirements for immigration to Canada is financial. The candidate needs to prove that he/she is financially stable in order to immigrate to Canada without any qualms. No country would want an immigrant who is unable to sustain himself till the time he/she has employment. Hence, along with the proof of funds, the candidate should also be capable enough to bear the expenditure of immigration as well. 

Enclosed is a general list of expenditures for immigration to Canada and the list can vary depending on the individual case and also the program through which the candidate has applied for the permanent residency (PR) status of Canada. 

  • IELTS examination fee –  Rs.14, 000
  • Educational Credential Assessment (ECA) through WES – 220 $ (CAD)
  • The Canada PR Fee
  • For the Primary Candidate – 825 $ (CAD)
  • For the Secondary Candidate – 825 $ (CAD)
  • Dependent fee (Children under 22 years of age) – 225 $ (CAD)
  • Medical fee and Police verification –  Rs. 5000 – 8000.
  • Immigration Consultant fee – variable 
  • RPR fee – 500 $ CAD

Landing Cost

Further, the cost of immigration post landing would be CAD 500, which is an amount set for every candidate setting foot in Canada who is above 18 years. Since Canadian immigration is a legal process, it is advisable that the help of a good and reputable immigration service is sought who can help in this regard. Thanks to the online process of immigration that has been introduced, the applicant has the right to choose the immigration consultancy from anywhere in the world. Now, the geographical location is no longer a concern to find the best service. 

When it is a matter of your life and better living conditions, then fee structure and additional expenditure take a back seat.  A price cannot be put on additional benefits and growth opportunities along with the exposure that one is provided in Canada, but it is necessary to have funds in hand before one plans to relocate to another nation as no country would want unemployed immigrants in its territory.