How Does Cloud Computing serve Companies?

Cloud computing is a term that has become more and more established in the economic sector over the past few years and has great future potential. Nevertheless, many companies underestimate the economy of cloud computing. But what is cloud computing? What are the advantages? And is it worth changing for your company? 

The cloud enables data to be saved and programs to be executed without having to access local storage. All processes take place in an external data center. The cloud is accessed via technically defined interfaces, protocols and browser functions. The cloud computing service is offered by various third-party companies.

Cloud computing is very flexible. For example, you can determine how much storage space you need for your company and what processor power you need, depending on your needs. In addition, there is also the possibility to provide existing software via the cloud.

Cloud computing has many advantages!

  • Flexibility: You have any time and from any point of access to the cloud. This is particularly beneficial if you are considering the home office option.
  • Low costs: There is no need to spend a lot of money on software and hardware; instead you only have to pay a small rent for your cloud service. This can be individually adapted to your needs as required.
  • Increase of the server – capacity: Cloud computing means expanding your storage space without much effort and cost.
  • Reduced administrative effort: Outsourcing your server or data center eliminates many administrative tasks.

In general, cloud computing is particularly suitable for large companies with 500 or more employees. With such a company size, the benefit of cloud computing is 70%. But medium-sized and small companies also benefit from the services. In addition, many people also use private cloud computing. In this regard, a distinction is made between public and private clouds.

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