Health hazards of using electronic gadgets

We are a generation who are living a device driven lifestyle. Today computers and mobiles phones have become more of a necessity than luxuries. Even our children today are inseparable from them. We are in fact raising a generation of kids who are likely to find it impossible to live without gadgets. What we rarely realise is that we are exposing our children and also ourselves to a wide magnitude of danger.

In Hong Kong Polytechnic University the Department of Rehabilitation Sciences have conducted a study which states that 30% children and 70% adults have re[ported some kind of musculoskeletal symptoms in various parts of the body due to prolonged use of electronic devices.

Harmful effects of using electronic gadgets.
Here are some harmful impacts of electronic gadgets on us:
❏ Insomnia- When you use your smartphone, tablet or laptop late at night it causes sleep deprivation and can seriously damage your eyes. The sleep hormones are rather disrupted by the radiation that is emitted by the electronic gadgets. There are various studies which have even proven this fact.

❏ Obesity- The use of gadgets and obesity are linked to one another. Studies say that sleep deprivation can cause obesity among young adults. When you do not sleep at night the sleep hormone and the hunger hormone gets altered that affects your appetite and as a result you consume excess food.

❏ Brain impairment- Moreover it has also been observed that people who use a number of screens are more prone to shorter attention span. This clearly indicates that they cannot pay attention over a longer period of time. The physical structure of your brain is moreover changed by media multitasking.

❏ Depression and anxieties- You might not know this but your phone can put you at a higher risk of depression and anxiety. Since it has become the easiest job to scroll on social media, therefore individuals today withdraw themselves from being social. They no more have any meaningful interaction or conversation with friends and family members. There are also instances of increased anxiety in some individuals when they are separated from their phones.

❏ Brain cancer- There have been multiple studies carried out by researchers on the impact of electronic gadgets on the brain. They are of the conclusion that the gadgets harm us in more ways than we can even imagine. Our increased use of cell phones are directly linked to causing cancer in the brain.

Electronic gadgets of various types can harm us in various manners. The Printed Circuit Board and its complex composition can seriously harm our body and brain. A printed circuit board is the base upon which the socketed and the surface mounted components of the electronics stand. The PCBs are made through a process known as photolithographic which is similar to the way conducive paths are built for processors. The photolithographic process is done on a much larger scale. There is a coating on the surface of the PCB that safeguards the copper from further corrosion. Moreover it drastically reduces the chances of solder shorts between the traces with the help of stray bare wires. This coating is known as the solder mask or solder resist. The primary function of this coating is to reduce the chances of solder shorts in a maximum number of ways. PCBs, a huge number of them can be manufactured at the same time while the layout needs to be done only once. You must enquire about the PCBs before buying it from the PCB assembly services company.

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