Everything You Need to Know About Sisal Fibre

Rugs and carpets are nowadays available in an assortment of styles, shapes, sizes, colours, and materials to aptly meet your budgetary as well as functional needs. If you have been lately thinking about changing the floor rugs, then it is the perfect time to shun the synthetics and side with the natural options. Intricately weaved by using naturally occurring fibres, sisal rug is perfect for those wanting to bring a rustic piece of earth inside their homes.

Besides this, sisal carpets are highly robust and resilient. They are also one of the most affordable floors covering options available with us which are easy to maintain and can easily complement variable home settings thus making them truly exceptional.

Production process

Sisal is extracted from a tropical plant, named as Agave Sisalana, which can grow as high as three feet. The plant’s leaves are then hand reaped, and the filaments are dried in the sun.

Soft Sisal

For those of you who like Sisal, but feel a bit repelled due to the inbuilt stiffness may try out the sisal fleece floor mats. As the name suggests, these are made from the fine combination of sisal and fleece- This fusion goes a long way removing the abrasiveness of a sisal rug besides giving a boost to its strength.


Sisal carpets are hands down one of the toughest natural fibre options currently available with us. In the case of homes with kids and pets, sisal can prove to be the best floor covering choice. You may go with a slightly softer version so that abrasiveness doesn’t hurt especially for the toddlers and baby animals. With little maintenance and care, a sisal carpet can serve you and your family for many years to come.

Despite being extremely sturdy, moisture can prove to be disastrous for this fibre, resulting in its disintegration and rendering the rug useless.

Sustainable and eco-friendly options

Not only does the Sisal rug and carpets allow you to bring some part of nature inside your living rooms but these are 100% eco-friendly and sustainable floor covering option available with us.

The good part is that after a few years of use, fibre starts to disintegrate on its own and eventually gets mixed with the soil without inflicting pollution or any sort of harm to the environment.

Simply by choosing a natural fibre rug over the synthetic options, you can do your part and decrease the carbon footprint from our mother earth.

Cleaning guidelines

Moisture can be destructive to the natural fibre and hence, should be treated immediately. In the event of spills and splashes, cover the affected area of the carpet with a tissue or high absorption cloth to minimise the damage. Follow it up with a blow dryer (at low settings) to remove the dampness.

Otherwise, the cleaning routine of sisal rugs is pretty simple. Periodic vacuuming couple of time a week is enough to keep your carpet spick and span. With regular care, a Floorspace sisal rug can easily serve you for years without much of a hassle.

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