Diablo 2 – Singleplayer Mastery Guide

Diablo 2 is one of the best action role-playing games which has stolen the hearts of many action gamers. Diablo 2 game has reshaped the landscape of action role-playing games to a point where the action was considered a part of genre whereas the game development companies now started producing full-length action-adventure games.

In this article, we have provided a detailed guide on how to play Diablo 2 as a single player with ease?

But, before you begin to look on the guide, make sure to have the Diablo 2 installed on your system. If you do not have it, you can buy D2 items online.

Tips to Play Diablo 2

Never Be Greedy

If you are starting your journey on Diablo 2, it is not advisable to pick up the coins at the early stages of the game. By doing so, you will be saving a great amount of time and end up progressing through different levels quicker.

You need to increase the stash size by analyzing what items are more important to you to level up the game. In case, if you are finding it challenging to analyze the important items, you can buy D2 items as well. This saves your time spent leveling up. Some of the important items that need to be picked up in the early stage are: Strangling gas, throwing knives, golds, uniques, and blues. You also need to pick up magic items like rings, amulets, and also charms.

After you overcome the poverty in the early levels of the game, start focussing on the important items to finish the instance easily. If you spend money on unnecessary items, there will be an issue with the money flow, and finally, you end up playing the game like a peasant.

It is recommended to pick up large stacks that are around a mark of 1k+, from Elite bosses or Mobs.

Break Jars and Open Chests

You can buy D2 items like break jars, and open chests which helps you to find the 40-50% of magical items drop in the hidden objects. Some of the most important chests and jars are found near the elite bosses and mobs. So, you need to take time and open the chests wisely.

Make the Most Out of Quest Bonuses

Quest bonuses are most useful if used wisely. Some of the useful quests that can help you to level up the game with ease are Den of Evil, Tools of the Trade, Prison of Ice, and Siege of Harrogath.

Understand and Analyse the Breakpoints

Breakpoints vary for a different set of classes and damage types. If you want to maximize your potential, then you must focus on understanding the breakpoints for each class and act accordingly. Especially, the breakpoints are applicable for the following values: Faster Cast Rate, faster block rate, increased attack speed, and Faster Hit recovery.

For example, you need 117 points for Lightning Sorceress to reach level 12. And on the other hand, you need 194 points for Fast Cast Rate.

Damage Resistance

You can buy D2 items for increasing your damage resistance. Each class in Diablo 2 has its own resistance, and you need to improve the resistance accordingly.

Quick Levelling

As a beginner, it is pretty difficult for a player to level up quickly. You need to know the player’s commands which increases the exp gain and also the drop rate. After you start learning their commands, it becomes easy for you to level up.

It is very easy for a beginner to hit level 20. By then the player has a stronger build and also well equipped because of the increase in the drop rates. In case, if you want to level up even faster, then try to raise the difficulty of the players as it helps in getting a drop rate bonus.

Finally, the player should not choose a class based on the build. Rather he must focus on choosing the class based on the playstyle and hence come up with the best build. In fact, all the classes in Diablo 2 are powerful. Only the player needs to understand how to build the character properly.


These are some of the common guidelines that every beginner level player needs to take care of while playing Diablo 2 game. If the player does not have much time to gear up the character, he can buy D2 items and save up his time.

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