Demystifying some more myths about purchasing mattress online

While purchasing a brand new sleeping bed mattress can be bewildering and exasperating experience for anyone.

Well, it isn’t something that we do on regular basis the way we do usual grocery or cloth shopping. As per estimates, people out there tend to purchase or replace 3 to 4 mattresses in a lifetime.

You will definitely not try to know more about sleeping bed mattress until and unless you have to replace your existing mattress with a new one.

In order to help you improve your knowledge about mattress, we have compiled a list of some new myths about buying mattress online.

So let’s look at some of the myths revolvingaround buying a new mattress.

Rotating your sleeping mattress frequently would double its lifespan:

There was a time when mattresses had two different sides and was advised by the manufacturer to rotate the sides regularly to double its lifespan. Well, the real fact is that turning your mattress quite frequently will no doubt decrease the level of the wear and tear but won’t at all double its lifespan. These days, a different type of technology is used to create mattresses so make sure you follow the manufacturer’s guidelines to take care of your bed mattress.

A firmer mattress is the perfect provided you are suffering from back pain

This is the most common advice given to people who are suffering from chronic back pain that buy a firmer sleeping mattress to say goodbye to the lingering back pain.

The reality is that there are so many causes that can trigger lower back, shoulder and hip pain. As per the sleep experts, it is quite important for you to understand your own comfort and requirement when it comes to full support to spine, neck, and shoulders. Hence, you don’t have to buy the firmest mattress online simply go with the one that offers the perfect spine alignment, as well as, conform your body contour.

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The more expensive the mattress will be; the better will be the sleeping experience for you during the night time

Again, there some reality behind this but it is all subjective to personal preferences of the individuals. What you may find comfortable maybe not be as comfortable for the other person. Above all, there is no guarantee that the most expensive mattress available in the market will provide you the best sleeping experience throughout the night time.

If you find a mediocre range sleeping bed mattress very comfortable during the trial period then you can stick to that range. Most important thing is that you should check for the brand reputation in the market when it comes to the quality of the product and the customer support services. Don’t get carried away by what salesperson is telling you about the mattress. Simply buy a sleeping mattress gives you full support for pressure points and spine alignment.

The base won’t make a huge difference to the comfort level, as well as, the longevity of the sleeping bed mattress online.

This is not true at all. Broadly speaking, the base of any sleeping mattress plays a critical role in deciding the comfort level and overall lifespan of the mattress. There are different types of base available in the market that makes a huge difference in the way the sleeper feels after lying down.

For instance, if you decide to buy a spring base mattress then it will offer gentle support to your back. On the other hand, if you decide to buy memory foam sleeping mattress then it will give you desired support not only for the pressure points, but also for your spine. Hence, always think about what you are looking for and then decide which one will match your requirements.

Wrapping up

Don’t fall for the fake promises as claimed by many salespersons in the retail store. We would recommend you to the desired groundwork and research about the mattress online and buy from the company that offers 30 days trial period and returns policy. This way you can try the mattress and return provided you don’t find it up to the mark.

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