If You Look Forward To Cracking The SAT Examination, We Recommend You To Read This.

SAT, which stands for Scholastic Aptitude Test, is conducted every year for the students are wish to apply for reputed colleges worldwide. The SAT exam has been limited to a paper-pen test, and the students appearing in the review are marked upon the different areas of their high school curriculum. The primary subjects which prevailed over in high school make up for most of this exam. It is recommended to apply for individual classes that would guide to for a perfect SAT exam experience. The SAT coaching in Mumbaiwill be, in general opinion an excellent option if you live in Mumbai.

Sectional Divisions of the SAT exam.

The SAT exam has been divided into two major sections and one optional section.

  1. EBRW or Evidence-Based Education and Writing
  2. Mathematics.
  3. Essay writing.

However, the previous two sections have several sub-divisions.

The marking scheme in both the sections EBRW and Math ranges from 200 marks to 800 marks. The optional part of the SAT exam, The Essay Section, is not mandatory for the students to appear. However, many colleges stress upon this exam as well. The tentative range of marks in the Essay Section is somewhere in between 2 to 8.

The EBRW section is based on Multiple Choice Questions or MCQs. While the Math section has two sub-divisions which have been mentioned below:

  1. In the first section, using calculators is not allowed.
  2. In the second section, using calculators is allowed.

The total time allotted for the SAT exam is Three Hours (not including the Essay Section).

The type of questions that are prevalent in the SAT exam could be very similar to the High-School problems. However, the students are expected to have an in-depth analysis of the subjects that they have studied.

Some insights about the SAT exam.

  • The number of sections in the exam – 4(2 for EBRW and 2 for Mathematics).
  • Number of questions in the exam – 154


  • Time allotted for the exam – 180 minutes.
  • Marks scored in the exam – 400-1600.
  • The medium of Language of the SAT Exam – English.
  • Is there a Negative Marking? – NO.
  • Mode of Exam – Paper-Pencil.

Leaving aside EBRW section and the Essay Section, the Math Section could be a bit tricky one to crack. The questions are application-based, and it would take up a lot of time if you have not already practiced the problems of similar type. You might think that the topics which are covered must not be from your high school course then? You are wrong, all the issues and ideas have been included in your schools, and you are quite familiar with them.

Your primary focus should be on these mentioned topics of Math:

  1. Algebra.
  2. Area and Volume.
  3. Coordinate Geometry.
  4. Trigonometry.
  5. Interpretation of Graphs and Statistics.
  6. Complex Inequalities and Functions.
  7. Logical Reasoning.

These topics are quite familiar with students who have studied Math. However, the question pattern and type of questions could be new for the students. Hence it is advised to take help from the professionals in Mumbai. Contact SAT coaching in Mumbai.

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