A Chronicle of a Day without the Internet

This post attempts to provide a descriptive account about my feelings, after I once disconnected my laptop from my Spectrum Cable Bundles Internet subscription, and tried to get through a day

In recent times, have you ever tried to go about your day without gaining access to the Internet?

Like a full 24 hours stint that doesn’t involve any activity even remotely liked to the World Wide Web?

I know I have, and this piece gives an account of that very moment in my lived history – when I intentionally powered up my laptop without hooking it up with my paid high-speed Internet service (one that I get on a monthly basis through the Spectrum Cable Bundles subscription). And in retrospect, and after considering the matter very carefully, I have to state that attempting to live offline – even for a little while – proved itself to be a chore like no other! And this is an understatement.

Furthermore, I’m pretty sure that anyone who tries to repeat an experiment like this in his/her own life, while possessing the same psychological predicament as myself, will undoubtedly agree with my assessment of the affair.

But enough with the personal reflections.

I know what you’re here for!

So here’s the account of how my Internet-free day actually went down –

Since my first impulse, on waking up every single day, happens to be to check up on my social media (Twitter & Facebook) feeds, I had to literally fight against my grudging self in order to restrain my hand from reaching for my beckoning cell phone device. On the other side of my usually-messy bed is where my trusty Apple notebook is usually located – which, by the way, (and in addition to being an alarm clock) also serves as the resting place for the ginger feline that is my sole companion within the dingy confines of the small Manhattan apartment that I inhabit.

After disabling the shrill alarm siren emanating from the computer, I again had to resist the urge to open the onscreen web browser, and navigating to the social media sites that I had willfully disregarded on my pocket phone. A quick shower, and frugal peanut butter sandwich breakfast, later, I hopped onto my treadmill that is wirelessly connected to my Laptop, and through its manufacturer’s web interface, gives a complete breakdown of the calories burned and the miles elapsed on my daily morning jogging sessions.

It was only after I disengaged from the machine that I realized that, owing to my decision to be weaned off from the web for the day, I could not gain access to all this data. At that moment, I admit to being a tad bit frustrated with my choice, and contemplated breaking it. The day was, after all, a holiday, and in addition to all my waking-up and sports-related endeavors, I was also longing to stream a movie on my laptop through my Netflix account.

File:Cancel Netflix.png

This last bit of entertainment, of course, had now been rendered impossible.

And so I was at a loss to figure out what to do with myself for the remainder of the day.

I had never been an outdoorsy type of person, and preferred engaging with all my digital amenities at home (my computer, my cellphone, my home theater system and mini graphics studio). Having been bred over the Internet, I had long discarded the CDs and DVDs – as well as the mobile flash drives –that once enabled my movie-binging late night sprees. I had learned to get by with the video streaming potential of the web, and had reached a stage where I could tune-in to the latest Hollywood blockbusterswithout so much as lifting even a finger – thanks to the magic of the integrated voice service on each piece of gadgetry that I owned.

But without the provision of the Internet, all these wondrous bits of metal and carved plastic, seemed dismally inadequate. And hopelessly lackluster.

It wasn’t much later that I remembered a work assignment that I had left pending for the weekend (which, incidentally, happened to be this day). But even managing this task was out of the question now. Because any type of office work – as any working professional would relate – essentially hinges on the Internet these days.

Office, Work, Desk, Computer, Workplace, Indoor

While reflecting on this, I angrily eyed my laptop, and considered how very useless it was in its unconnected state.

In my current situation, I couldn’t fathom what it could be good for; other than for playing solitaire (with a predictable algorithmic foe as a contender), or listening to some recorded music (which I was in no mood to at the time), or creating horrid jpeg files on the default ‘paint’ software encoded into its operating system.

And so my day progressed, and ended up being the instance which I still consider to be one of the (if not the) most unfulfilling moments of my life.

Enough said!




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