Benefits Of Using Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

There are two categories of blood pressure monitors available in the market – aneroid and digital. Both types have their own pros and cons, we understand that it can be mind-boggling for you to decide which one to buy. Let us compare their features and functions before you invest in a blood pressure monitor for your in-home use.

Benefits Of Using Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

Manual / Aneroid Blood Pressure Monitors

The aneroid meters are the traditional blood pressure monitors that have been in use since time immemorial. They have a mechanical manometer filled with mercury attached to an inflatable cuff. The cuff is tied to the upper arm of the patient and inflated manually by using a bulb. The doctor uses a stethoscope to check for the patient’s heartbeat before deflating the cuff.

Owing to the complicated procedure of using them, these monitors are mostly used by doctors and nurses in hospitals or by skilled personnel only. The android devices can be totally trusted with the accuracy of their readings but are very tedious for anyone without a proper training to use them. Also, it is practically impossible for someone to measure their own blood pressure using an aneroid monitor.

Digital Blood Pressure Monitors

With increasing health hazards, most people are suggested by their physicians to keep a discipline check on their body parameters like blood pressure and heart rate. The this dire need of in-home monitors for a systematic patient care led to the discovery of easy to use digital meters.

A digital blood pressure monitor is an electronic device with an LCD screen display and a cuff. Some devices have a wrist cuff while the others have an upper arm cuff. This cuff is easily inflatable on the click of a button on the device. They work on batteries and show readings in less than a minute.

The digital blood pressure monitors have been around for some time now and there are more than a handful of reasons to use them over the aneroid ones :

Advantages of Digital Monitors

  1. Ease of Use– These are very easy to use by the elderly and the kids alike. One can also use it to monitor their own blood pressure in the absence of any assistance.
  2. Portable– Being battery operated and super small in size, these are easy to carry along and can also be used to monitor the blood pressure even while traveling.
  3. Accurate–Except for a minor variation due to the inefficiency of the patient to tie the cuff properly, these devices are even trusted by hospitals for in-home estimate of your BP and heart rate.
  4. Memorize Past Results – With memory and storage features of the digital devices, you need not spend your energy in making a note of your readings. The digital meters store the past readings with timestamps.
  5. Cost and Time Efficient –These monitors do not cost a bomb and also save you the time to travel to the doctor and the money to be paid as his fees for regular blood pressure checks.

The digital monitors have extremely low to negligible maintenance. You may rub with them a dry cloth for cleaning purposes and must always store them back in the box when not in use. You may have to renew the batteries once every few months or sooner depending upon your frequency of use.

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