Benefits of Studying from Reference Books

While preparing for board exams students always waste their time deciding the right study material out of the enormous options available in the market. Most students end up choosing the wrong study material which may even lead them to failure. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t study from reference books. Students should look beyond the textbook so that they can learn and discuss topics in a creative, problem-solving and innovative manner.

While choosing these reference books for studies, students need to be alert as some books are being called as reference books just to make quick and filthy money. Nowadays, for the students of CBSE board, some of the NCERT textbooks are also written in a meaningful and empowering manner. These books encourage students to be thoughtful, aware and alert. Apart from NCERT textbooks, students can also refer to reference textbooks which are available class wise such as RD Sharma Class 10 Solutions, to clear their doubts so that they can ace in their Maths exam.

Some of the NCERT textbooks provide only superficial information. In such situations, reference books can be very useful as they can bridge the gap between concise and comprehensive. Reference books have a good amount of questions for the students to practice and master at any subject or topic. For eg: Students of Class 9 CBSE board can refer to RD Sharma Class 9 Solutions for clearing their doubts or concepts.

For easier concepts, NCERT books are useful. But for learning difficult topics, reference books are suggested. Students must go through reference books to gain additional insights which are not usually provided in NCERT books. Reference books can provide a wider perspective on various concepts and topics.

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