5 Tips and Tricks To Prepare for Class 10 Tamil Nadu Exam

The State of Tamil Nadu is considered one of the literate states in our country. It is the largest South Indian state. In India, the Tamil Nadu Education Board is one of the oldest and the dominating education system. The Board came into existence in 1826 with the sole aim to have literacy in the state of Tamil Nadu and all over India. In 1841, the first high school was opened, and in 1910, the State Secondary Education was established. In 1911, the first SSLC Public Examination was conducted all over the Tamil Nadu State.

The Board evaluates students’ performance and their improvement by conducting Class 10 and 12 exams. The board also frames the respective class-wise syllabus, sample papers, questions papers, and textbooks along with conducting exams. The Board guides all its affiliated schools to use Samacheer Kalvi books available subject as well as class-wise. Class 10 is the first board exam for students, due to which they are constantly under pressure and stress.

To loosen up their stress here we have discussed a few tips and tricks to crack the Class 10 exam.

5 Tips and Tricks To Score Higher Marks In Class 10 Exam

1. Start with Syllabus

Begin exam preparation with the prescribed syllabus of Maths, Science, Social Science, English and vernacular subjects. The Board frames the syllabus after a thorough discussion with a panel of experts. The syllabus is all about the entire course content, weightage of marks, duration of each period for the whole academic year. The Board also updates the syllabus regularly according to the students’ needs. It is always advisable to be familiar with the syllabus to write the exam with confidence.

2. Textbooks

Students of Class 10 should use samacheer kalvi textbooks in exam preparation. These textbooks elaborate on each concept, topics, sub-topics, formulas, chemical reactions in detail with significant diagrams, activities and examples. After completing one chapter, students should practise the exercise questions provided at the end of the chapter. In this way, they can get an idea of their knowledge before jumping to the next chapter. Even inside the classroom, teachers take the assistance of the textbooks to teach the students.

3. Sample Papers and Last Year Papers

Subject experts frame sample papers according to the recent question paper pattern. Solve the sample papers to get an idea of the current question paper trend. Last year papers help know the exact question paper, distribution of marks for each section, types of questions asked, and crucial topics. These papers are designed as per the syllabus and will also teach time management skills. Before the exam, students can self-evaluate their preparation to know their shortcomings and improve on them.

4. Study Notes

While revising each chapter, students should make it a habit of noting down the crucial points, definitions, formulas, chemical equations, reactions, etc. These notes will help TN Board students at the time of the revision as it comes handy and can be carried everywhere. These notes are one of the productive resources in terms of exam preparation.

5. Appropriate Time-Table

Maintain an appropriate time-table to give equal importance to all the subjects. Class 10 comprises a vast syllabus that needs proper attention. Students should revise each subject every day so that they are not burdened with lots of pressure and stress. Stick to the time-table and be well-prepared for the Class 10 Board exam. The result of Class 10 holds great importance in higher studies.