5 Ideas to Get the Doors on Your Store Spinning this Holiday Season

December is finally here! You can almost hear the Christmas bells ringing and visualize the New Year fireworks adorning the distant skyline. It is time for celebrations and retail shops leave no stone unturned to make the most of this festive season.

It is one of the most vital selling times of the year for any retail. This give the retailers the rare opportunity of turning their unprofitable business to a profitable one. You have to be prepared to make the holiday sales work and to help you with it, here are some fabulous ideas.

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You can use your own imagination skill to be creative and get your store doors spinning this year. Just read on.

  • Hold an Event – You can make the sales floor depict the festivities with balloons and stars and banners for attracting attention. You can hire a DJ, invite a band or a choir for singing. In short, think of something that will attract more consumers in to your store and make it a big deal so that they get enticed and spend more time inside and shop more.
  • Create a List of Top 10 Holiday Gifts That Are Not to be Missed – You should create a top 10 list and make plenty of copies of it. Then put them on display in the sales floor and cash wrap section. Make every associate memories it. You should also feature the list in your social media accounts like Facebook wall and Twitter handle, in your email blasts, website and in your newsletter. You can also mention them on bag stuffers and store signage. Your shoppers will thank you through greater sales when you make shopping decisions easier for them.


  • Holiday Open House Ideas – You can hold your event on a holiday or any Sunday from 5 pm to 9 pm. You can invite guests to pop in balloons for determining discounts. You can also feature demos, complete-in-an–evening projects and make-it and take-it items and also food. This way you can make the shoppers stay longer in your store and spend more.
  • Week of Christmas – You can go for hosting seven different events throughout the week prior to the Christmas Eve to be held in your store. There can be free stuffs, contests and prizes to be won as well as full on promotions during this time for attracting the customers.
  • Sell Gift Cards at Discounts – If you buy gift for a relative from a store then she may like the gift. But that cannot make her walk past the front door of the shop from where you bought it. But if you buy her a gift card then she will be forced to come to the shop to redeem it and be tempted to purchase the other products, too.

You can sell the cards all throughout the month of December. But there is a condition.  The shoppers are able to purchase as many cards that they want in discounted rates but make sure that they are valid only after December 26th. This makes sure that they cannot use the cards to get a deal on holiday gifts. Research has shown that this has turned out to be a very successful idea and reputed retails like Market99 have tried this and staunchly recommend this one too.

The above are some of the ideas that you can try to attract more customers in your retail store during the holiday season.

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