10 Original ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching and you already know what that means. Chocolate, flowers, a candlelit dinner, maybe a teddy bear and more chocolate.

Although all of these things are very enjoyable – and we all enjoy receiving them from time to time – it can make the big day a little bland. Once you’ve enjoyed a romantic Valentine’s Day, chances are you’ve seen it all!

You have done all the romantic things, offered flowers; go to the restaurant … So why not try something a little different this year?

Diversification is the essence of life. If you are really looking to energize your Valentine’s Day we have ten unique ways you can do it.

1. Volunteer

Give your heart in this February 14 by helping charities in your area. Get involved in a community project or try to raise funds on a specific theme. Make sure you spread love! This is a great activity to have a good time with your partner and to give you great personal satisfaction too. You can also send letters and chocolates to local donors to show your support.

2. Add a little culture

Bored by British traditions? Traveling a little by celebrating Valentine’s Day in the style of other cultures. You can imitate Japanese women by buying chocolates for men as well as specific treats designed to reflect different types of relationships or Finnish people who celebrate “friend’s day” instead, there are many different options.

3. Arrange for a group appointment

Want to do something different for this Valentine’s Day? Why not share your love within a larger group and invite friends for a group date? It would work better with friends in pairs but you can also play the cupids by inviting some singles. Otherwise, organize a single party to avoid any pressure they may feel if they are surrounded by only couples. Group appointments are very fun and in this way you do not have to go to a fancy restaurant. And why should not men cook, and women would set the table with beautiful flowers and their finest porcelain dishes?

4. Diversify your gifts

Traditional Valentine’s Day gifts such as chocolates and flowers are fine, but why not try something different and opt for a more personalized gift. A compilation of music is a reference and works particularly well if it is accompanied by a handmade scrapbook or a photo album that would represent the story of your couple.

5. Do not celebrate on February 14

It’s not because everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day on February 14th that you’re forced to do it today. Get out of the frame and move the date of your celebrations to make them more special. Plus, if you were thinking of having a dinner at the restaurant or going out to town you will save some money.

6. Reinventing the bouquet

Girls love Valentine’s Day flowers, especially red roses, but why stubborn with this more than classic option when there are so many choices? Re-invent the usual Valentine’s Day bouquet by picking out some amazing or surprising flowers representing your partner’s personality, or use flowers to spell a romantic message somewhere in the house. It works especially well if you and your spouse love to break the banality.

7. Make it a family affair

If you have children, why not involve them in this day? Ask them to make heart-shaped jellies, cookies, cakes and treats to enjoy all day or you can even arrange a romantic party made especially for them and their friends. If your children already have their little darling then why not help them write a card and then offer it to their valentine?

8. A picnic

It could be a little chilly in February, but that does not mean you cannot enjoy a good picnic with a lover! If weather permits, do it outside, otherwise you can do it indoors, put your tablecloth in front of a fireplace or in an isolated part of your living room. Light soft lights and circle with candles, flowers and romantic decorations; incense and scented candles are highly recommended. Pour yourself a glass of wine and eat delicious strawberries for an inexpensive but unique experience.

9. Write a poem

Poetry was once a tradition for Valentine’s Day, but over the years many of us have abandoned creativity to the benefits of pre-made cards. In 2015 innovate! Put your pen in the inkwell and write a nice poem to your half. You do not have to call yourself Shakespeare to be convincing and people with musical talent can always write a song.

10. Offer the gift of time

Are you struggling to find a sentimental gift that will not cost you a fortune? Think differently and offer him a box full of thoughtful little papers and future promises. This can be small messages of love or a sensual massage, etc … A homemade gift but that will always please your spouse.

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