What are various causes, ingredients and use of dandruff shampoo?

Dandruff shampoo is very different from regular shampoo in that it deals with a specific problem. And if a man is suffering from dandruff, then he would love for the issue to disappear as speedily as possible.

Selecting the perfect dandruff shampoo for particular need depends on various factors; each factor consideration makes an entire purchase decision. It also means looking at the ingredients list of every shampoo. The various dandruff shampoo for men in india is available as per the requirements of different men.


Knowing what is causing dandruff is a significant fact before purchasing an anti-dandruff shampoo.

 If the source of dandruff is seborrheic dermatitis, a disease caused by fungi, make sure that the shampoo which is selected that must include ingredients like as tea tree oil, peppermint oil, ketoconazole and selenium sulfide.

 If the accumulation of dead skin leads to any men’s dandruff problem, the best shampoo (s) for that person should contain salicylic acid and coal tar. However, do not use these shampoos regularly because they can irritate the scalp.


Take a closer look at the main ingredients in men’s anti-dandruff shampoo and what they do:

 Selenium sulfide

Selenium sulfide is a relevant agent that works to fight fungi. The upper limit concentration of selenium sulfide accessible in over-the-counter shampoos is 1%.

 Zinc Pyrithione

Similar to selenium sulfide, zinc pyrithione crack down the fungus and bacteria commonly linked with dandruff. Zinc pyrithione is not as dangerous as selenium sulfide, experts say.


Ketoconazole is one more antifungal compound that is also available in everything from products that treat athlete’s foot to those that treat jock itch (a male problem that, well, leaves you scratching in all the wrong places).

 coal tar

Coal tar. It sounds like something pretty strong, is not it? And it is, but it acts to slow the expansion of skin cells in the scalp and, therefore, reduces the look of dandruff. It is not an antifungal similar to the compounds mentioned above, but it is mainly useful if a man has too oily skin.

 Tea tree oil.

It does not seem that the tea tree oil is in a ton of men’s grooming products, from washing the body to the regular shampoo, conditioner. The material is natural and works as an antiseptic and has antifungal assets. It is also very soft for your skin.

3. USE

Not all dandruff shampoo is mild sufficient to use on hair daily. If men are looking for one that does, make sure he indicates it on the label.

More than half of the population experience dandruff at various times. If all men are looking to get rid of this irritating problem once and for all, a delicate shampoo for dandruff can help, but people can take some shopping. Dandruff has various causes, including dry skin, accumulation of products and fungal infection. The finest treatments have active ingredients that target the causes while fighting multiple potential reasons. Dandruff can be one of the massive amounts of frustrating and disconcerting skin problems that many men will most likely face in their lives. When a person is going to make a first impression on an appointment or job interview, go out with friends or whatever social scenario that person has on hand, the last thing he should worry about is dandruff. So to remove dandruff in men is not easy for this best anti-dandruff shampoo for men in india is readily available.

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