Types of outdoor fixtures

Exterior lightings are very important mainly because one needs to see things clearly at night or in a dark area.

The commercial exterior LED lighting fixtures are very convenient as they are energy savers and give sufficient light. Here are some popular outdoor lighting fixtures which one should know about.

Canopy Lighting

As the name says, the canopy lighting fixtures are designed installations from the underside of the outdoor canopies. These kinds of fixtures are perfect for wet locations because these fixtures will be installed outdoors. These lights are also resistant to vibration and so they are also used in high traffic areas. Canopy lightings are mainly found in gas stations, drive through restaurants and covered parking spaces. It is a good idea to choose a lighting fixture with an optimal beam shape considering the area and the mounting height.

Flood Lights

These lights have an adjustable base and the beam is to be projected into an object of interest or some specific architectural features. These lights are very common in outdoor areas mainly sport areas so that the filed gets maximum visibility at night. In the industrial areas, if the machines and the containers are on constant move then flood lights are used there as well. The flood lights are characterized by the potent lighting output. The beam shape is normally from wide to coverage of large area. The focused beams are also used in concerts and functions.

Linear Lighting

They have a narrow and elongated construction and these lighting fixtures are mostly used in multi storey parking areas. It has a hermetic construction and so the lights have protection from dust, insects and moistures. These lights also have a fluorescent version. The LED versions include tube shaped lamps designed to fit the base.

Pole Mounted Lighting

They are most commonly used in streets and sometimes in open parking lots as well. These lighting fixtures cover a large area below them and so they are normally designed with a very wide beam. But it is also important to avoid lateral light projection as it can give the drivers and the neighbours some glares which should be avoided. These pole mounted lights come with a BUG rating and this means they have the backlight and up light glare.

Wall packs

They are the self-contained lighting fixtures which are designed for direct installations on walls without a pole. They are based on the beam shape and there are semi cut off wall packs and the full cut off wall packs. Wall packs are normally used to light the immediate area around a building. When lighting is required for large spaces not adjacent to the walls, pole-mounted fixtures are used instead.

These are the major types of outdoor lighting fixtures and each have their own set of applications and all of them plays a good part in outdoor lighting. The commercial outdoor light fittings should be done by some experts who have proper experience on how to fix those light fixtures on outdoors.

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