Top 10 Things

Every one search on internet for daily need, when anyone one on Internet always finds Top 10 Things, When Someone buy a mobile or finds any comedy movie and always search about top 10 things. Likes: Top 10 Android Mobile or Top 10 Comedy Movie etc.

Here is an online website, this website is about all about top 10 things in India. It website is India Specific as its domain is .in TDL (Top Level Domain). Main concept about this website is anyone can post top 10 thing in any filed. Here is simple registration process on website after that any one posts. Admin of website will review that post and its find relevant then admin publish that content/post.

How this Concept Come?

Owner of website spend 10-12 hours daily on Internet and find 10-12 top 10 query on internet. According to Google Keyword planner tool there is more than 1 Lakh monthly search on Top 10 things.

So Owner (Ankit) created this website where user can find and post on top 10 things.

What else other than top 10 things?

There are two 2 dictionary also on subdomain, one for English to Hindi Dictionary ( and other is English to Tamil Dictionary (

 Admin earn from this website by Google Adsense, has 1000+ daily traffic mostly users came from Google Organic.

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