What Things Make A Logo Good?

A logo happens to one of the most important factors for any business and despite having a small visual presence, it plays a major role in the success of any business: whether small or big. Therefore, all the big corporate giants spend millions just get such a logo that can promote their brands effectively. If you read about the 7 most expensive logos in the world, you’ll be amazed to read the many companies or organizations have spent millions of dollars in their logo design or redesign process. Why do they do this? Because they know the real worth of a good logo and you will see them spending more than their strength just to get good logos for their brands.

If you talk about good logos, there are a number of qualities that should be present in a good logo. It should be simple, easily memorable, timeless, versatile, and appropriate as well. Below, you can find the reasons that why a logo must have all these qualities to be called as ‘Good’.

  • Simple

You need to know about the truth about simplicity that why most of famous brands prefer to get a simple logo. There are a number of benefits of using a simple design for your logo and by getting such benefits, you can effectively grow your business in the market. The very first advantage of having a simple logo is that it happens to be easier to recognize it as compared to the different other complex logo that doesn’t enter into the minds of people. You must have heard about the theory of K.I.S.S that means “Keep it Simple, Stupid”. You also need to keep your design simple to so that your consumers can easily recognize them and can remember about your brand, products, or services through your logo. Lacoste T-shirts possess a small logo of the brand, but that crocodile logo has taken the brand into the heights of fame. A simple logo can also easily fulfill the requirements of any client.
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  • Memorable

Creating a memorable brand experience is important for every business as this thing can effectively help an average brand to enter into the list of good brands. While making their marketing plans, many businesses fail to make their promotions simpler and memorable one. In result, they do not get their desired ROI.

When it comes to logos, the easier is to remember a logo, the quicker it will create its monopoly in the market. If you really come up with a simple design, people will face no difficulty in remembering it for long.  The content or the subject matter of a logo doesn’t play a major role in making it memorable, however its design does so. Considering this, you need to pay extra attention to the design you make because it will be the design that will penetrate in the mind of your consumers and make its permanent place there.

  • Timeless

In this era of social media, you must understand this point that whatever design you make, it should be timeless by all means. On Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and a number of other platforms, you come across with a different trending design that succeed in taking the world’s attention in a very short time period. But, in the field of logo design, there is no concept of trends rather a professional logo designer is one who creates such a design that can look relevant even after decades. In this case, you must get the services of a professional and custom logo design company that can provide you such logos, which will remain effective even after 50 years.

But why not trends? The basic thing is that trends are suitable for the fashion industry. In the fashion industry, new trends come and go, but in logo design, you can’t afford to pay dollars again and again after something to your designer to create a new design. Even if you do this, a serious threat will appear, then for your brand identity as by giving your brand more than one logos, your consumers will get disturbed in remembering them. So, get such a design for your business logo that is timeless, everlasting, and unforgettable.

  • Versatile

Remember, it’s just your business website where you are going to use your logo. Rather, it will be used on a number of platforms like business cards, flyers, brochures, and many others. So, your design should perfectly vary in every medium and application so that your brand can be considered as a professional one. Also, the logo you design should look perfect in different sizes and formats.

  • Appropriate

The design you get for your logo should also be appropriate to your business niche. For example, if you are getting a logo for a brand that sells children’s clothing online, its logo will also get some childish fonts and color schemes. However, those fonts and colors will be appropriate for a law firm website rather some serious and professional colors will work for the law site.

It is also not necessary to add the product you sell in the logo. Have you seen a mobile in Nokia’s logo? Any device in Apple’s logo? Or any car in the logo of The Harley Davidson? These brands haven’t used their products in their logos and they are still famous across the world. A logo is simply an identification of your brand in which you can add anything that can please and attract your audience.

Consequently, you can say a logo good only if it has got all these qualities mentioned above. Being a brand owner, you need to give extra attention to your logo design because only a good logo design can lead you make a good brand!

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