TheOneSpy Cell Phone and Computer Monitoring App

The monitoring and tracking software have become the significant aspect of the modern businesses. The employers around the world are using some sort of computer and mobile phone tracking applications to keep their workforce’s under surveillance. There are numerous monitoring apps rightly accessible that claim to provide complete monitoring solution. However, picking trustworthy and feature-rich software is not a piece of cake. To help you get the best out of bulk, we have reviewed here an advanced cell phone and computer monitoring software TheOneSpy.

What TheOneSpy is About?

TheOneSpyin-depth-review is a multi-platform monitoring app that is intended for employers and parents to track the use of mobile phones and computers of children and employees. It is compatible with mobile phones running Android and iOS and computers running Windows and Mac operating system. The app is required to be installed on the target device and can be operated through an online account which is accessible on any device.

Features of Cell Phone and Computer Monitoring App

The tracking software offers a wide range of features to monitor and control the target computer and cell phone. Given are the core features of the monitoring app that provide a great support to employers and parents in employee and kids monitoring.

Monitor Messages

The messages received and sent from the target cell phone can be monitored with cell phone spy app. It includes the SMS, MMS, iMessage and instant messages containing text, visuals and voice. The end-user of the spy app can read messages and see the contact detail of message sending and receiving parties.

Tap Calls

The phone calls received and made from the monitored mobile phone can be recorded and downloaded with the help of tracking software. The app automatically records all inbound and outbound phone calls and provides call logs showing the call details and contact information of the caller and recipient.

Monitor Internet History

The employers and parents can supervise the internet access with spy app as it accesses the internet browsing history on the target device and shows details of surfing on the web.

Monitor Social Media

Social media monitoring is equally significant for employers and parents. While employers monitor the social media accounts of their workers to prevent them from misconduct, the parents track their children’s use of social networking and instant messaging apps to safeguard them from the online dangers. The spy app lets you spy on Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Snapchat, Telegram, Hike, Tinder, Kik, IMO, Line, Vine, Viber, Yahoo Messenger and many other prevalent socializing applications.

Track GPS Location

The spy software helps parents in knowing the whereabouts of their children. It shows the current GPS location of the target device and also provides location history. Meanwhile, it lets you mark multiple locations to be alarmed on the entrance and departure of the target from the marked zones.

Screen Recording

The monitoring software also acts as a screen recorder for cell phones and computer devices. It lets you capture the screen of the targeted device in real or scheduled time.

Surround Monitoring

The cell phone spy software lets you remotely control the camera and microphone of the monitored device to monitor surroundings. You can turn on the camera of the mobile phone or computer device and see what is happening in the vicinity of that device and capture photos or record videos. Similarly, the microphone of the monitored device lets you listen to the surrounding sounds and voices for as long as you want.

Track Emails and Keylogs

The business and personal emails received and sent from the target device can be monitored with monitoring software. Moreover, the software stores the keystroke applied to monitored cell phone and computer, and lets you know the username and password of the online accounts operated on the target device.

Sneak into Phone Gallery

photo media

The monitoring software lets you see what your children or workers have stored in their phone gallery. You can see the photos and videos and listen to music files and voice recordings saved on the targeted cell phone.

Control Mobile Apps

The tracking application grants you control over the mobile apps installed on the targeted cell phone. You can start, pause, block, unblock and uninstall the mobile phone applications. Moreover, you can lock and unlock the targeted phone without accessing it.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to kids and employee monitoring, the cell phone & computer spy software TheOneSpy can be considered as a reliable and cost-effective spying solution. It operates with secrecy and efficiency without giving any clue to the target.

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