Perfume Tresor In Love – “precious moments of love” from Lancome

LancomeTresor in Love for women

Perfume Tresor in Love (“Precious Moments of Love”) is an elegant and romantic perfume for a free young woman, chanting an all-consuming feeling of love. The modern adaptation of the legendary fragrance Tresor (1990) – an invaluable treasure of elite perfumery – was presented by the French House LANCOME in 2010 as “a new love story that broke out under the sky of Paris”.

Perfumers Dominique Ropion and Veronique Nyberg from IFF became the authors of the refined and feminine, fresh floral-fruit tree with a light wooden train of harmony. They completely revised the classic rosy-peach oriental ode Tresor, created in 1990 by Sophie Grojsman.

A beautiful and graceful fruit chord in the opening of the aroma TresorinLove, reminiscent of the playful and spontaneous splashes of champagne, is made up of refreshing notes of bergamot, juicy nectarine, and pear shades of pear and seductive spice of pink pepper. Gradually, the dizzying prelude dissolves in a luxurious floral “heart”, where lush notes of a dewy Turkish rose and elegant jasmine glow under the soft half-tones of delicate peach and violet petals. A clear, absolutely modern final chord of the composition LankomTresorIn Love is built on the warm emotional harmony of cedar and musk, enveloping the fragrance with an easy unobtrusive train.

Absolutely charming bottle Tresorin Love with soft slender lines and piercingly clean glass facets is gossiped into the ideal feminine silhouette, which is adorned with the traditional LancomeTresor lid in the form of a diamond and a gently pink shade of perfume. To give the sculptural composition a special sensual charm, an elegant, hand-made, small black rose is attached to the neck of the bottle. Elegant and, at the same time, simple packaging, carefully storing the precious beauty of the classic version of the bottle “Tresor” , sets its own unique style – a new landmark for the modern generation of legendary spirits.

Continuity of generations has become one of the features of the advertising company Tresor in Love de Lancome. The official “face” of the new fragrance was the American model, Electra Wiedemann (ElletraWiedemann), the daughter of Isabella Rossellini, who in 1990 first introduced the world’s most popular perfumes to the French brand Lankom.

The action of a completely new love story 20 years later again takes place in the most romantic city – Paris. The main character is shrouded in the magic of falling in love. Her eyes shine with happiness. She is young, impulsive and free. In the arms of a man (model Caleb Lane), whom she loves, she thinks that the world belongs to her!

Tresorin Love was filmed under the guidance of the famous fashion photographer Mario Testino.

The fragrance is produced in a concentration of eau de Perfume (Perfumed water) in bottles of 30, 50 and 75 ml EDP. Tresor in Love’s perfume is ideal for gay, confident young women open to a new feeling.

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