Online Business Ideas for Beginners in 2019

With modern day technology it has never been easier to start your own business. All you need to start is some free time, internet access, and a willingness to put in the required work and a spark of passion to create something exceptional. So, read on, because here we have a list of eight simple ideas to get you started.

Become a YouTuber

YouTube allows not only to create a channel and share ideas, but also earn a living from it.   A channel can be about almost anything,  but make sure to create original content and post it regularly. Entering YouTube partnership program enables you to make money through placing ads on videos, Super Chat and channel memberships, linking to merchandise or crowdfunding site(s) from your videos.

Get started with affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing means promoting and selling another person’s or company’s products and services. After setting up a website, proceed to find affiliate programs that are relevant to niche and audience you picked.

Amazon and eBay have the most famous affiliate programs, but there is a large number of others to opt for. Consider this example: numerous online casino sites offer a significant number of affiliate programs. You can connect to these programs through affiliate networks which will then provide a link to include on your site. When someone clicks the link and purchases the product or service you’re marketing, you receive a percentage of the sale.

Online coaching

Regardless of your education and professional background, it’s highly probable you have valuable knowledge to share with others. Once your business is setup and needed equipment is pulled together, create a website and market your service.


If you made a distinguished career in an exceptional profession, it’s very probable that you have considerable skills to display. What counts even more is previous experience in chosen area of expertise. If you believe you could be fulfilling your potential in a different way in same profession, then this idea can help carry out such an attempt.

Start a podcast

Choose a target market and start recording. What you’ll need is software to record and edit videos, hosting service and promotion. You can earn money through offering premium content, selling products or services, but you can also opt for sponsorships and donations.

Sell items online

Whether or not you are involved in handicraft hobby, setting up an online shop is also an option. There is a number of platforms which allow you tu setup and run an online store, and some of the most famous are Shopify and Etsy. Items that are sold include jewelry, accessories, clothing, etc.


Instagram has become a widely popular channel for brands to promote their products. Instagram users with large and engaged audience are influencers and they can make the most money because of that fact.  Main sources of income are brand sponsorships, affiliate marketing and product promotion.

Newsletter Business

For this kind of business, it’s necessary to build a target list of people who will surely open the newsletter. Targeting means choosing a niche, but managing to get the attention of readers to open an email is question of value provided.  When it comes to the newsletter itself, it can contain sponsored content, special offers, or it can serve to promote services and products.

After reading this post, you must have some idea what to do later on. Whether you decide to pursue one of the listed suggestions, make sure to learn new skills and develop further the old ones and don’t forget: in 21st century anything is possible and your dream job may be right around the corner.

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