Making Your Own Neon Sign Light

For your home decoration, you can use the colourful and radiant neon sign lights. This can bring a lot to your house decoration personality. You can ask neon sign makers to design your custom neon signs or do it on your own. The neon signs are comprised of sealed glass tube filled with neon gas. You can bend the tubes in the shape or the word you want. When you plug it in, you will observe there is illumination of the neon sign light in a colour based on the tube wire. Most of them are using EL wires to make this neon sign lights on their own.

How to create your own neon sign light?

Having a clever plan and correct devices can help you creating your personal custom neon signs light. Be sure you have the idea about the design before gathering the materials whether it is phrase, shape, name, or works. This can help you set the materials size that you are going to use. Always remember that the design you are making should be written in cursive such that every letter is connected with each other. If you create a shape, then you simply need to draw its outer and inner shape and connect them with a tape. Some patience and work are required to create your neon signs.

Materials needed for making neon sign:

  • A 16-gauge metal wire spool
  • Pencil and sheet papers
  • EL wire of your picked colour of 5mm
  • A glue gun with a backup glue stick
  • String and wire cutters
  • Scissors
  • Batteries

Instructions to follow in creating neon sign:

  • Initially, make a design with your pencil on paper sheets. The main idea is to draw the design in an accurate way and exact to the size your sign is actually to be.
  • Next, trace your design along with the string which is the simplest path to identify the required wire length.
  • Match the string with wire and cut it to the similar length as the string is present utilizing wire cutters.
  • Along the print or drawing of your neon sign light design, bend the wire.
  • When you finish the wire need to be the design that you created. Take your own time as you need to ensure you acquire the right design before attaching the EL wire to it.
  • Secure the neon light to the wire utilizing a hot glue gun starting with the EL wire bottom.
  • Based on your design length and EL wire length, you might want to begin a few inches from the pack of the battery.
  • Such that the pack of battery doesn’t hang off the design tip. Match the wire of EL to the string exactly.
  • Slowly move from one wire end to the other using the glue gun so that they both get seal with each other.
  • Simply cut with scissors if there is an excess neon light at the design end so that the extra wire doesn’t illuminate.

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