Magneto API Integration Services for Shipping Software

Shipping software is an all in one package that allows the store owners to manage the order fulfillment and inventory management while staying up to date on the accounts and finances. The shipping software helps store owners import information from various e-commerce websites and marketplaces and access them from one platform.

Ezyslips is one such well-known platform that enables API integration with numerous websites to automate and synchronize the store owner’s data and bring it all together. It saves time and allows the owners to know the current status of the stock, of the orders, and the deliveries.

Magneto is one of the leading platforms for open e-commerce innovations. Magneto API helps in successfully integrating the various APIs with shipping software and platforms. It offers cloud-based solutions to the store owners. The Magento API for developers provides the means to use web services that communicate with the Magneto system.

Ezyslips uses this framework to integrate the various carriers into a single platform. The API can be used to create a shopping app, integrate with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, integrate with CMS (Content Management System), and create widgets for the admin panel.

With Magento API Integration Services, the following advantages can be gained by the store owners.

  • Automate with Ease
    • Get more work done in less time and that too without any hassle.
    • Create rules for mixing the sales channels and carrier services.
    • Organize and streamline the orders, shipments, deliveries, and accounts.
    • Automate the process of picking up orders from other e-commerce websites, packing them for deliveries, and shipping the goods using the carrier services.
  • Make it Interesting for Customers
    • Let the shopping experience be unique and interesting for customers. It is one of the best ways to retain and expand the customer base.               
    • Give them discounts, offers, combo packs, to choose from. It will increase sales.
    • Add details about the weight, make, product value, etc. so that customers would know more about the products.
    • Attach a detailed invoice with each package that includes the IGST, SGST, CGST tax segregations.
    • Send regular alerts via SMS to keep them updated about their orders and the delivery date.
  • Shipping Benefits
    • Assign real-time tracking numbers for the shipments.
    • Print labels in bulk.
    • Ship about 100 orders in less than 5 minutes.
    • Track the shipments and control their deliveries.
    • Be updated about the canceled, returned deliveries and COD payments.
    • Track the refunds that need to be credited to the customers after a return.

Ezyslips has successfully integrated e-commerce websites and carrier channels for many brands and store owners. We provide services to businesses of all sizes and volume. From a small store owner with a limited sock to brands such as Cover Story, Shop Clues, Henry & Smith, M&S, and many more, customers trust our services.

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