Why Location of any Law School is Important

For law aspirants, questions of where to apply and ultimately where to attend are of paramount importance. This is not hard to decipher as they are going to define the course your career or for that matter, your life will take in coming years. There are many top university north India where you can apply to get a law degree. However, it must be kept in mind that all are not equally good and do not offer the same teaching experience and placement opportunities. It is therefore important to keep in mind the reputation as well as the ranking of law school before you start applying for admission. This tough, in no way, should be the sole criteria for a selecting or be rejecting a particular law school. While an institute’s ranking and reputation certainly should carry significant weight in your decision-making process, they cannot and should not be the only consideration.

In the following paragraphs, we shall deal with some important factors that will help you get admission in best law university in Dehradun.

Location of the law school

If you’re accepted by Harvard or Yale law school, neither you nor your parents will bother to find out where it is located. The gist of the matter is that location should play an important part in your selection process unless you happen to gain admission in top 10 or maybe top 20 law schools in India. This is because national brand recognition and the prestige associated with a reputable name often outweigh the importance of the location. Otherwise, location is essential and you should pay it the attention it deserves.
You also need to decide beforehand where you wish to live after graduating with a law degree. It is suggested that you attend a law school in the same area where you desire to settle down. This will give you access to many more job opportunities as the majority of the firms visiting the campus for placement will be local. You are also most likely to benefit from strong alumina network if you stay in the same geographic region as your law school.

Specialised law programs

There are many fields in law in which you can choose to do your specialization. It is important that you decide beforehand what kind of law you want to practice and then choose a law school accordingly. For example, if you want to build a career in criminal law, try to seek admission in a law school that is known for offering high-quality program in criminal law. You should not be bothered even if such schools have lower rankings as they are going to be a better fit for you in both the short and long run.

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