Knowing about shincheonji evangelism?

A shincheonji church is a famous church in South Korea. Most people are well aware of it. Of course from the creator of the church is a well-known personality to the world today. It is in the 1980s, this church origin came into existence then. In short this shincheonji is named SCJ. According to far research on search engines, there are more interesting facts on hiring evangelists. Here this church does allows the people to become evangelists under the supervision of 2 or 4 people involved in the process of hiring. People who called as evangelists perform their activity of bible teachings in and around the globe. So, this church does welcome interested people. The majority of people are fascinated by this church due to its successful Korean cult nature.

Let’s discuss it in brief about the process of recruiting evangelists:

Some people judge the best evangelists on behalf of their church as well.  This is what the beauty of the Korean cult is named with this specific church. So, coming to the point, there are roles like the guide, recruit, teacher, and manager involved in the process of evangelism.

  • Coming to guide, this person’s duty is; he is the one who judges that the particular person either he/she is eligible for this evangelism or not primarily.  This guide could be anyone like a friend or family member etc.
  • Secondarily, comes to a recruited person where this person who got decided by the guide to preaching evangelism.
  • When comes to teacher role, here the guide solely can be a teacher to the people to teach the bible based on the demanding situations if any.
  • Finally comes to the manager role, here this person lend some helping hand to the recruiting role. The major duty of this person is to get the crucial details of the recruited person.

So, this is how there are different roles to recruit the person as an evangelist in this church. After that, recruiters are allowed to engage in bible study sessions. It takes around 2 to 4 times every week. This process is essential for the recruits who love to join in SCJ center. This is why the process of becoming evangelists in SCJ is not so easy.

Conclusion: This church is an awesome and a god gifted heaven to the people over there. Becoming evangelists is a much typical task too unless you are properly trained. So, hope the above information will be helpful to some extent of people.

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