Know The Lifestyler 10.0 Treadmill Instructions

If you belong to a health club, you know that best treadmills are popular cardio machines that can be used to walk, run or jog your way to fitness. Even if you use a basic model, such as the Lifestyler 10.0, it is important to know how to make it work properly if you want to receive the maximum benefit from your aerobic workout. If you find a Lifestyler 10.0 treadmill in your gym or buy one for your home, ask for the basic instructions before you start up.

Here is the sum up of basic instructions

Step 1

Start the session by stepping rails to the feet of the machine. Never stand on the walking belt when the machine is turned on.

Step 2

Attach the safety clip to the clothing, such as your belt. Take the key on the other end of the cable and plug it into the slot on the bottom of the console. If you fall during the use of the machine, the safety device will turn the treadmill off.

Step 3

Attach the pulse ear clip to the socket on the left side of the safety key if you want to monitor your heart rate during training. Attach the ear clip to the opposite end on your left earlobe. Use the clothing clip to attach the cable to clothing and prevent the cable from jostling while you exercise.

Step 4

Tilt adjustment of the machine by pressing the “raise” or “decrease” buttons in the bottom right of the console. The tilt changes by 1 percent each time a button is pressed.

Step 5

Press the “Start / Pause” button in the middle of the console to start the treadmill. Pressing the button while the tape is in motion will stop the walking belt.

Step 6

Adjust the tape speed by pressing one of the “speed” buttons on the bottom of the console, to the right. Press the left button to slow down at 0.1 mph or the right button to increase speed by the same amount.

Step 7

Press the “Mode” button just to the left of the tilt buttons to change the console display. Press the button repeatedly to switch between options. When the machine is in “Weight Set” mode, for example, you can press the “Set” buttons – located to the left of the “Mode” button – to enter its weight in the console. The button on the right increases its weight by 1 pound and the button on the left reduces it by 1 pound. Entering your weight allows you to use the “Calories” mode accurately.

Step 8

Set a time target by placing the machine in the “Time / Set” mode. Press the “Set” button on the right to increase the time target in 10-second increments. When the exercise begins, countdown time to zero and then start to rise if it continues to move.

Step 9

Setting a target distance in the same way sets the target time, but place the equipment in the “Distance / Set” mode instead. The “SET” buttons adjust the distance in increments of 0.2 miles.

Step 10

Position the treadmill in “speed” mode to show the speed of the treadmill; The “Calories” mode – if you have entered your weight – to display the number of calories burned during your workout; Or the pulse mode to display your current heart rate, if the ear clip is connected. If you set the machine to “Scan” mode, each mode will appear for three seconds in a continuous loop, except for “Weight / Set” mode.

Step 11

Stand on the foot rails when the session is complete. Turn the treadmill off by removing the safety key.



Consult a physician before beginning a new exercise routine.



Warm up with five to 10 minutes of light cardio before using the treadmill or walk on the treadmill at a moderate pace for at least five minutes before advancing to your main workout.


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