Is Taxi Trap such a thing? How to avoid it?

However, taxis play an even greater role in local public transport. In addition to many serious and honest taxi drivers, there are also some black sheep in this industry who want to rip off their passengers. Everyone knows the classic: There are unnecessary detours to make the passenger a little more money easier.

Especially if you are unfamiliar with the location, it is helpful to heed a few tips in order to avoid the common “taxi traps” as much as possible.

6 tips against taxi traps

1 – Reserve a taxi in advance

For taxi rides planned in advance, e.g. from the airport to the hotel, it is advisable to reserve a taxi ride at a fixed price via the Internet or through a travel agency. This avoids haggling and disputes over the fare.

2 – Get information about common fares

Anyone who finds out what the usual fares in the destination country look like before setting off on a trip to another country will avoid unpleasant surprises: You are safer when negotiating the fare and you cannot be easily “ripped off”. In addition, the prices for taxi rides are often very different from country to country. On the websites of the airport companies, but also at the local hotels, you can find information on how much a taxi ride can usually cost in the respective country. Of course, information on prices can also be found in many travel guides.

3 – Agree the price in advance

A taximeter in a taxi is not common in every country, sometimes it is stated that it is defective. The only thing that helps is: Negotiating skills – which you should definitely use before departure, and not only on arrival. The price should therefore be negotiated in advance and fixed.

4 – Use registered taxis

While in Australia, for example, the “Dandenongcallus Taxi” are easily recognizable as officially registered taxis, this is the case in many other cities and countries not always the case. The same applies here: It is essential to obtain information and telephone numbers from officially registered Springvale taxi companies before you start your journey – and ideally order them by phone. If you take the next best taxi directly from the street, there is a high risk of being chauffeured by an unregistered taxi – including extremely high fees.

5 – Avoid detours by knowing the route

The classic among taxi driver tricks that one is not immune to anywhere in the world: detouring to allow the passenger to drive additional kilometers. You should therefore at least know roughly where you are and where the desired destination is.

In the age of smartphones, it shouldn’t be a problem for anyone to find out more about it on the Internet.

6 -Check the taximeter setting

In the normal case, a taximeter is installed in registered taxis to calculate the fare. A basic price is common in many places, after which additional fees are due depending on the route and duration of the journey.

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