How to do a Spa Facial at Home in 8 Easy Steps

Our body suffers from so much stress and pressures with everything that we are doing every day. Despite this life’s complexities, our body deserves to take a break once in a while. There is nothing better than letting our bodies take a wonderful rest and be pampered. How to achieve this?  Reward ourselves with little facial- at home. 

Sounds too-good-to-be-true? Fortunately, this article will help you to let this happen with these 8 easy steps. 

Step 1: Practice the attitude of a facialist.

This doesn’t mean you have to become a facialist to achieve this. Since you have to choose the must-haves first, you have to go deeper in knowing different facial rituals and regimens some used to practice. Ask your trusted facialists or closest persons in your lives what are they using, why are they using it, and how to use it. End your usual facial mask or clay routine by including cleansing, exfoliation, among others into your new facial regimens. 

Step 2: List your facial tools.

Adding some spa facial tools instead of clay and mask is another thrilling way to pamper your face. Fortunately, you do not have to spend more for these, especially that some tools have multi-purpose, like derma cooler that not only gets rid of the acne scars but also gives a better facial finish. 

Step 3: Include some facial steam

Steam has always proven its ability to unleash relaxation not only to the whole body but also in our face, You can do facial steam by:

  • Heat water with some mixtures of dried flowers or tea on a stove.
  • Let it simmer and steep for a few minutes
  • Put the mixture into a large bowl
  • Let your face enjoy the steam by draping a towel on your head to sure that the steam cannot easily escape.

Step 4: Change the way you apply facial products.

How you apply facial products can be either good or bad for your face. Knowing the right way to apply is essential because it provides better blood circulation and it also makes the facial products to use are penetrated well. The right way to pamper the face is to massage it in a circular motion and lightly tap the fingers on the skin that surrounds your eyes. 

Step 5: Consider facial peel

Aiming to have a more radiant facial glow? Try facial peeling. It’s a safer yet better way to exfoliate the face since resurfaces the dead skin to brighten up more the skin.

Step 6: Do not just settle to facial masks

Using detoxifying mud or mask can help your face get rid of the dirt as it dries. However, if you want to provide more to your face, you can use balm or salve after rinsing the mud or clay. These can help your face soothe from sensitivity and get rehydrated as well.

Step 7: Have your treatments personally customized

Different faces have different issues that need to be deal with. Having too much acne or acne scars? Starting to get wrinkles? Having blackhead breakouts? Face those facial issues by using some associating products. 

Step 8: Don’t forget to rehydrate

Since most of the skin regimens you did involve exfoliating and detoxifying, it is always better to end the routine by rehydrating it because that’s the time it needs more replenishment. 

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