How to choose the right spatula for your kitchen

A right spatula for the kitchen makes cooking easy and helps in everything from scrambling of eggs to frying of seafood to everything. The right size and shape of the spatula makes cooking comfortable and finish within no time. One of the most important equipment when it comes to cooking is a good spatula which does not break off easily or is not compatible with the utensil used.

When it comes to choosing the right spatula for the kitchen, never forget to evaluate the following factors before buying:


The size of the spatula is an important factor when it comes to using them daily. While frying a fish or grilling a chicken, the base of a good spatula should be broad enough to handle the food and flip it over without breaking the food. A broad base spatula works great for pancakes too. A spatula with a very big head can be irritating when handling foods contained in a measuring cup or a food processor. The small-sized spatula will increase the food preparation time and is not handy.


The material of the spatula is also taken into consideration when it comes to buying a spatula for regular use. Always go for a wooden spatula as they impart a flavor in the cooked food. Silicon spatula has a very tight grip and can withstand heat. One can also go with a stainless steel spatula for long life. Spatulas can do anything from stirring to frying and grilling and choosing a perfect spatula is important for a good cooking lifestyle.

Light weighed

The spatula should be light-weighted and come in handy during travel. When going on a trek, cooking in an open space, spatulas can be handy and stylish. The spatula is durable and does not break off easily. Make sure the spatula does not break off in two parts due to its flexibility and light-weight. The spatula chosen should be compatible with non-stick pans. The spatulas should not occupy much space in the kitchen and should look stylish.

Less flexible

The spatula should be flexible but not too much as they can bend and break off easily. The spatula chosen should be able to compatible with any kind of pans without affecting the coating. The quality of the spatula is very important for the long run. The coating of the spatula should not wear off or cause any damage to the cooking pan.


The spatula chosen for the kitchen is used for a long run and hence investing in it is no waste of money but should be affordable at the same time. Spatulas are of different shapes and types and depending upon the individual’s requirement, one should choose them for their kitchen.

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