How To Choose The Right Cold Weather Work Gloves

Winter is cold, winter is long and working in winter can be very tough. Just like the weather changes, your gloves should also change with the weather as winter brings with itself a whole new set of challenges and hardships. If workers don’t use the right gloves in winters, then the results can range from uncomfortable to dangerous. If you don’t use the right gloves to protect yourself from the elements, then it can result in loss of productivity caused by stiff and numb fingers.

Workers need the right cold weather work gloves to protect themselves against sub-zero air temperatures and wind chills. Without the right kind of protection for the hands, there are high chances of accidents at construction and work sites. Workers might find it difficultto maintain a grasp on ladders and may not have the precision required to do their jobs effectively and safely. Eventually, not working with the right kind of gloves can reduce productivity to a considerable extent.

Now that we have established the importance of keep hands warm and dry during winter work, it is time to figure out which cold weather work gloves will be the best fit for and how should you go about choosing them.

Here’s What You Should Be Looking For In A Cold Weather Work Glove

When you are out there shopping for the right cold weather winter gloves, you should keep your eye out for the following attributes.

  • Outer Shell :- Since the outer shell of the glove is its first line of defence, you should be ideally look for a ripstop nylon with a DWR that will protect your hands from the winds and also the wetness.
  • Insulation :- Insulation is very important for cold weather work gloves and here you should be looking for gloves with a dual-zone insulation.
  • Waterproofing :- Make sure that the cold weather work gloves that you are considering to buy have waterproofing properties because that can bolster protection.If and when buy such kind of gloves, they keep the moisture at bay and allow sweat to escape.
  • Fit :- Make sure to buy cold weather work gloves which fit you well. Don’t buy anything too big as that can hinder flexibility or anything too small as that can constrict movement.
  • Tech-friendly :- To improve your productivity and efficiency and to potentially save some time, you should consider buying thermal gloves that have a touch screen option. Such gloves will make it very easy to swipe and answer calls without having to remove the gloves. Such gloves will allow you the avenue to perform basic mobile device tasks without exposing your hand to the harsh winter elements and that will surely improve your productivity.

Final Thoughts

It is highly advised that you don’t be frugal when it comes to buying the best cold weather work gloves. Not having the right protection for your hands can make you vulnerable to risks like frostbite or hypothermia, hence it is highly imperative for you to invest in high-quality cold weather work gloves. Also make sure to buy gloves which have the right combination of features for the different requirements of your job.

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