How Facebook affects us?

With the booming trend in the stocks of Facebook, a lot of people are enquiring today “How to buy shares in Facebook”? Facebook is valued at a price of $482.6 billion and is the most famous and accessed social media platform in the world. The original market capital of Facebook was estimated to be around $482.6 billion as of March 2019. Facebook has traded on the NASDAQ under the FB ticker. In order to buy Facebook stocks the first and foremost thing you require is to find a broker who will give you access to NASDAQ since it is the primary exchange, it is traded on.

Before I come to the part of buying Facebook shares it is important to take a close look at how it is affecting our lives on a daily basis. Social networking sites like Facebook provides the frequent advantage of interpersonal communications, a reason why each day more than a billion people log into Facebook. It is the most popular SNS all over the world today. While Facebook is used by many of us without any serious issue but over the years the young generation mostly has grown an addiction towards it. Today there are a number for researchers who conclude that it is not impossible for the users to develop an addictive behaviour towards Facebook over prolonged usage.

For this behavior to be addressed researchers have therefore used the term “Facebook addiction”. This excessive usage of Facebook has been identified to be a result of psychological factors.

Psychological reasons for Facebook addiction

  • Facebook is a symptom of procrastination- Facebook relies on your tendency to procrastinate. When you keep scrolling you are actually wasting your time without wasting your effort. When you go further down scrolling you still find memes and posts, there’s no end to it. Once you realise Facebook is the enemy of productivity your perception of it will change drastically.
  • Oversharing on Facebook is a symptom of loneliness- If you think hard you don’t really need to tell anyone your events of life. But still people do share every bit of it. This is largely due to feelings of loneliness. Your desperation for approval and seeking other’s opinions is a sign of low confidence.

How to buy shares in Facebook?

Nowe comes the main part of buying Facebook shares.

  • Find a suitable online broker- The primary step which will get you started is the availability of an online broker. A good online broker has access to a number of exchanges. When you find that a particular broker is discouraging you from buying Facebook shares then you need to understand that he has no access to the NASDAQ. You will come across a number of brokers but remember not all of them will allow you to open an account with them. There are some who are extremely costly while some also offer their services for free. Therefore you must consider factors like trading platform, broker’s fees, find accessible markets for trading, safety as well as the simplicity of opening an account.
  • Open a brokerage account- You will have to open an account after you have found out about an online broker.  Opening an online brokerage account is similar to opening a regular bank account. The entire procedure is an online process. Some brokers have made things so simple that you will have no difficulty in opening and it is more like opening a Gmail account. While for some the process is complicated and it usually takes days to open one. In this brokerage account you will store money.
  • Deposit money onto your account- In order to buy the stocks of Facebook you will have to pay cash. This cash has to be sent to your broker first which is a very simple and quick process. Bank transfer is the most common way of depositing your money.
  • Buy the shares of Facebook- The penultimate process, when you are done with the initials it is time for you to buy the Facebook shares. Just log into your online brokerage account and search for the Facebook shares. Once it has appeared just insert the number of shares that you wish to buy and then click the buy button.

Following this procedure you will be able to buy the shares of Facebook.

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