Fancy Lumba Rakhis that your Bhabhi wants this Rakshabandhan

In the present time, both traditions and fashion can blend in perfectly. With the ever-changing social as well as fashion trends, there are a lot of other things that change. Today, you may find that the fashion and trends have managed to touch the deepest parts of our festive and styles. During festival times, women are trending towards more fashion statements as compared to man.

This is one of the factors that sill a lot of excitement and fun factor to each of our festivals making it more vigorous. Just like designer clothes, kurtis and dupattas, today you may also come across designer Rakhis. Rakshabandhan is getting more trendier today for sisters and Bhabis. When searching the market you may come across fashionable designs and patterns crafted in some of the most unique and beautiful Lumba Rakhis.  You even have multiple websites that are willing to send online Lumba Rakhi for Bhabhi and for your sister.

Importance of Lumba Rakhis for you Bhabi

In the present time, the idea of tying knots using Lumba rakhi is also gaining a lot of popularity. There is a legendary ideology behind this custom. As per our past traditions and culture, Bhabhi is one of the individuals in the family who looks after the needs of a brother. A Lumba rakhi is tied by a sister to her Bhabhi on this occasion, praying for her good health and prosperity.

Apart from this traditional custom, Lumba Rakhi is also gaining popularity as one of the latest fashion accessories. Some of the most common types of Lumba rakhi traditions and styles are discussed here in this article.

Designer styled Lumba Rakhis for Bhabhi

Amongst all other options for rachis available, a designer wear Lumba rakhi is considered as the latest fashion statement. It is obvious that a designer wear Lumba rakhi will be one of the most trending accessories on her wrist this festive season. You can make the selection from amongst contemporary designer collections to some of the most unique fashion attire, unique counts and picks crafted out in a nice designer jewelry.

Jeweled style Lumba rachis

These are definitely considered as most unique collections amongst all types of lumba rachis for bhabhis.  When you plan to buy online Rakhi Gifts this season don’t forget to check out with the latest jeweled styled lumba rakhi collections. One major advantage of selecting Lumba rachis for your bhabhi is that she can even select wearing it as a designer jewelry at any occasion. They are crafted out in traditional styles and precious metals. You can pick one that is like a bracelet, bangle or even a wristband type.

Zardosi styled Lumba rakhi

These types are more common and trending for their unique color range and styles. In present time, Zardosi styled lumba rachis are gaining more popularity amongst modern time bhabhis. You have unlimited varieties to make the selection from. Some of them are crafted out in traditional styles and patterns. Due to their vibrant color combinations, these have always been considered as latest fashion statements during festival times. You can buy rakhi gifts online after checking with their wide collection of Zardosi styled rachis.

Panshaglee styled rachis

These types do top the list of trending rachis in present time. When purchasing this type you may find that the entire set consists of small and big rachis ranging from baju band to bracelet or even a bangle styled. So if your Bhabhi is recently married then this can make an ideal gift for her during the festival time. you can also make the selection from one that is crafted from semi precious or precious stones.

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