Easy Ways to Apply Makeup in Summer


Summer has already arrived. In humid countries it is a bit difficult to maintain intact makeup look when one is out.

But there are a few easy things that one can keep in mind so that they can rock the makeup look even in humid climate. There are some basic ladies makeup tips in Hindi that one needs to follow when they are trying to sport a makeup look in summer.

Ease Up on Your Normal Routine

Summer means you are always under the blazing sun. If you go out with your face full of makeup, it might turn runny. So one needs to be a bit strategic when they are applying makeup. If you live in a humid country then always try to use something with powder formulation. This can help in soaking up the oil. In order to cover a blotch or a blemish you can use spot concealer instead if using an overall foundation.

Opt for Multitasking Makeup

It is the easiest way to even out the skin tone and moisturise it as well. If necessary, you can always use a tinted lotion. When you are going to buy a tinted lotion always try to buy the brand that comes with sun protection. The tinted lotion is always sheer and so one has to buy it after matching the skin tone. One can also go a slight deeper with it so that they can warm up their complexion. Always apply it like a basic moisturiser.

Go Easy on Colour Cosmetics

Excess heat can make the blood rise on your cheeks. So it is not needed to add much colour to your skin on summers. If you really want to add some colours, then try to use a stain or a liquid blush which will not smear and run easily.

Think About Going Matte

The matte makeup always stays better than the creamy and glossy makeup. The matte makeups are mostly made from petroleum or mineral oil and so they do not crease easily. If you need some extra shine, then you can always add some salicylic acid toner to your morning routine which can actually retain some oil.

Say No to Eye Shadows

In summer eye shadows can run or crease in the heat. So it is a good idea to forgo it. You can swap it with liners or kohl instead. But if you really feel naked without shadow then you can sweep on some primer before applying it. This will add up to the longevity of the eye shadow.

How to Deal With Mascara

It is a very easy thing in summer. If you have to use mascara, you need to go for a waterproof one. This will easily deal with the sweat and humidity.  Also it will make your lashes look longer.

One can get easy makeup tips in Hindi from online makeup videos and sites. One can follow them but only after checking whether it matches their skin tone or not. Also one can take help of an expert if needed.

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