Discover the TV Shows on Couch Tuner that Can Make You Gape in Awe

Broadcasting time of our favorite TV Shows often doesn’t match with our daily schedule. But now we have a solution in the form of online video streaming sites. One of those is Couch Tuner. In the increasing use of the internet, video streaming seems to be a great way to watch our favorite shows whenever get a little free-time. But finding all the great shows on one platform often sounds impossible. But it’s possible with Couch Tuner.

Couch Tuner – What is it?

Couch Tuner is an online TV and Movie streaming website which comprise almost every TV shows till date and offers a great collection of movies. You can watch them online on the site. So, are you hoping to read about the programs that can be watched on Couch Tuner? Well, your wish is our command. Below are the top TV Shows which are streamed on Couch Tuner.

Game of Thrones

The story of gaining power filled with love, lust, sacrifice, brutality, politics, and greatness – Game Of Thrones has become a household name. The story revolves around a getting power, sitting on the Throne and become the ruler of the seven kingdoms. Astounding locations, amazing acting skills, unbelievable story-telling and unmatched set design make the TV Show one of a kind. Nearly nobody could rate the show negative after watching it! You can find all the seasons and episodes of the show on Couch Tuner.


Narcos is also a jewel among the TV series. The story of Narcos revolves around the true story of the growth and spread of Cocaine drug across the globe and the attempt of the law enforcement to deal it by hook or by crook! You’ll find Pablo Escobar, A Colombian Drug lord as the center of the plot who is the prime target of DEA agents. Despite the illegal dealings, Pablo is picturized as a family man who loves his associates and stands beside them when the time comes. A DEA agent is sent to Columbia to kill him. So, watch the seasons of Narcos on Couch Tuner today.

The Big Bang Theory

Two physicists Hofstadter and Sheldon are also friends who work in Cal Tech. They’re best buddies, roommates, and colleagues. Mechanical engineer Howard and astrophysicist Rajesh are also their friends. All of them were spending lives working, watching sci-fi movies playing video games, and without girlfriends. But suddenly an aspiring actress and ravishing beauty Penny comes to join them. And all of them collide to justify the name Big Bang. Watch who gets the girl on The Big Bang Theory from Couch Tuner.

The Flash

Struck by lightning changes the life of Barry Allen and he becomes lightning fast and becomes the Flash. He stops crime in Central City and finds the killer of his mother who was murdered in his childhood by someone as fast as him! In the quest, he makes good friends, falls in love and makes some fierce enemies. The Flash also travels in time and does the impossible. So, what are you waiting for? Watch The Flash on Couch Tuner and feel the excitement.

So, these are some of the trending TV Shows that are available on Couch Tuner among thousands of others. But the only issue with Couch Tuner is the lack of its authenticity. Couch Tuner is basically a piracy site which shows pirated videos! So, having a second thought now? Don’t worry! We understand your concern, and that’s why you can visit Layerpoint and find out the best Couch Tuner alternatives.

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