A Chronicle of a Day without the Internet

This post attempts to provide a descriptive account about my feelings, after I once disconnected my laptop from my Spectrum Cable Bundles Internet subscription, and tried to get through a day In recent times, have you ever tried to go about your day without gaining access to the Internet? Like a full 24 hours stint […]


TheOneSpy Cell Phone and Computer Monitoring App

The monitoring and tracking software have become the significant aspect of the modern businesses. The employers around the world are using some sort of computer and mobile phone tracking applications to keep their workforce’s under surveillance. There are numerous monitoring apps rightly accessible that claim to provide complete monitoring solution. However, picking trustworthy and feature-rich […]

Google Adwords

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

PPC known as Pay per click – One of many aspects of digital marketing in which each time someone clicks on the ad, advertisers pay a little sum. In a nutshell you are buying visits to your website instead of earning them organically. Popular form of search engine advertising is Pay-Per-Click. That sponsored ads you […]

Make a logo

What Things Make A Logo Good?

A logo happens to one of the most important factors for any business and despite having a small visual presence, it plays a major role in the success of any business: whether small or big. Therefore, all the big corporate giants spend millions just get such a logo that can promote their brands effectively. If […]


What is a Water Filter Faucet

Nobody likes to drink contaminated water and for the prevention of this use water filter faucet are created. But considering a brutal reality that sometimes people drink water with only sediments removed, they do not even bother to take in consideration the dangers of drinking that water. So, luckily they can now find really beneficial […]


How to Watch Whatsapp Status Anonymously

If you are a Whatsapp user then you might be aware of the Whatsapp Status feature. Status Feature of Whatsapp is similar to the Snapchat Stories which disappear automatically after 24 hours. Contacts of the person can watch Whatsapp Status from their Whatsapp. But the main issue is that when someone watches Whatsapp of another […]